Watching guys "pick up" pros

I’m at a bar in Roppongi, well known for Westerners. A guy is mAking the moves on a girl and is acting like god’s gift to the earth because his approach is going so well.

At what point do I tell him that the object of his attention doesn’t have any more X chromosomes than he?

From my iPhone

Need answer fast. Things are progressing into PDA.

Dude, you’re at a pick-up joint. Put your phone down and grab some of that pre-op action.

No need to spoil the fun. Nature is full of predators of all stripes.

You’re going to tell him? Won’t he find out on his own?

Don’t tell him. Take video. Post said video.
Much hilarity ensues much as penis does.

If he’s using actual “pick up artist” tactics, he deserves what he’s going to get.

Honestly maybe he knows it’s a transexual and he’s into that. If not, you’re just going to create a potentially dangerous situation for her if you out her in public.

I’m with a friend who is so married, so no action for us, but were’here for the Western music – except for Abba:rolleyes:

The guy is all Mr. Pickup, does he know or not?

Maybe he already knows and is into that too.

For better or worse, it’s out of my hands now.

They left together. I’ve never picked a pro, let alone a ladyboy.

When does she tell him it costs and she isn’t “she?”

No pix = didn’t happen.

I’m sure you know.

Teach me how to take pictures without flash in a bar and I’ll see what I can do, they’re back

Back so soon? Maybe Charisma Man found out about the equivalent equipment/chromosome number and prices…

Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is stop masturbating long enough to take the pictures.

ha ha. The iPhone has the shutter in the middle, so that’s not the problem.

Still, it’s sad to see what used to be the hangout place get so sleezy.

Mr. Smooth left alone, 95% of the women remaining have price tags attached:eek:

Do ladyboys ever wind up in unsafe situations when Western dumbasses freak out to find themselves with a professional non-girl?

Do they take requests? I suggest “Lola” by The Kinks.

Or “Take A Walk on the Wild Side.”

Let the guy find out on his own. Much better that way.

Left and came back? Drug deal?