Hitler's dead!

Not really . Sorry about that, but I simply had to share.

An excellent story, reminiscent of many discussions around here. Does anyone else have a reference to short stories that remind you of the SMDB?

Good find - basically, a transcript of a message board, from the future, dedicated to time travel. One of the mods has to keep preventing people from killing Hitler. :smiley:

Dude! Spoilers are your friends!

Did they save his brain, at least?

I am leaving in moments to go back to Washington D. C. at 9:58 p. m. in an attempt to prevent Mr. Excellent from posting spoilers. Wish me luck.

Sir Rhosis

Although if one reads the story, what he posted wasn’t really a spoiler.

This is a reference to the same story as in this earlier thread.

Curses! Foiled again!

Sorry about that, but with search disabled I didn’t search for it. Still, maybe it’ll draw a bit more attention to a darned funny short story.

Sorry, guys - didn’t think it was a real spoiler. But you’re right, I should have boxed it.

Okay, how many other Dopers kept trying to read BarracksRoomLawyer’s name as Bricker?
Now, don’t all speak up at once.

No, really. He really is dead.


…everyone kills Hitler on their first trip!

Yes, yes, go play ovar thar!