Hitlers one testicle and WWII

You were commenting on hitlers one Testicle; having one ball probably had less to do with his virulent state of mind than the fact that he had syphilis. Something he picked up in 1908 when his roommate left town and he had the place to himself. One can speculate he used the time to get laid, then contracted a horrible disease; which rightly or wrongly he believed he got from someone jewish. Syphilis was the cause of WWII and his virulent anti semitism. In the end stage of his life he exhibited some of the symptoms of tertiary syphilis. His doctors and Himmler knew he had it. Its a pretty neat explanation that sums things up nicely.

A link to Cecil’s column.

If true, it’s a sort of blackly humorous grandiosity:

“I will conquer Europe & kill all the Jews in revenge for that whore giving me syphilis!”

Hey, Adolf, ever hear of the germ theory of disease?

editor–it has been suggested that Hitler had Parkinson’s Disease, & that this accounts for his neurological symptoms.

In any case, Hitler’s physicians had the reputation of being quacks, especially Theodore Morell.

The list of drugs Morell provided Hitler included Methamphetamines.

The list is not complete.

On this witch’s brew, anything in the way of abberant behavior is possible.