Hitman 3: Is anyone playing it? Opinions?

I have been playing the Hitman series since it came out (2000(ish)?).

As a game it has long walked the line between great idea, done pretty well, yet flawed.

Since its reboot in 2016 IO Interactive polished the game and has come pretty close to hitting the mark. Close enough that the following two games, ending with this one, barely change the formula. Which is not a bad thing but I think, since they are all so close, they can almost be considered a single game.

Personally I am not real big on replaying games or missions I just played (but that is just me). Hitman is built around replaying missions and doing them different ways. So, for me, I will replay a level to do it a different way but I cannot come close to bringing myself to replay a level a dozen times to do all possible things. But some love that which is fine and this does it better than most.

Looks great. No glitches for me (I have seen a few reported but super minor). Seems solid.

I played both the reboot and the followup quite a bit. I was working on a 100% playthrough when steam corrupted my copy somehow and I dropped it. I think I played too much in the past 2-3 years to really be craving this one. Maybe in a while when the price drops.

Yeah…instead of a new game I would call it an expansion (even though they are selling it at new game prices). Indeed (to their credit) IO Interactive has a route to roll the whole trilogy into one experience where your efforts from one game carry to the next.

I am waffling between continuing with Hitman 3 and starting again in Hitman 1 and working my way through.

Doesn’t it include all the previous missions? Hitman 2 came will all the hitman 1 levels which was pretty cool, but annoying if you’re a completionist.

If you bought Hitman 3 pre-purchase (which, I think, extends 10 days after release) you get Hitman 1 GOTY.

They reduced Hitman 2 by 80% in price but there was a shit-storm of people who owned Hitman 2 that did not like that. So, IO Interactive said if you already owned Hitman 2 they would rope that in too BUT…sometime in the “future” so you have to wait for it. The main problem here is PC since Hitman 2 was Steam and Hitman 3 is EGS.

Supposedly it already works on XBox. I heard PlayStation has some problems with this too but not sure.

And yeah, I am a completionist so Hitman kinda bugs me but it is also fun and the levels are amazing. But I want to see all the things and so I (personally in my head) am annoyed knowing that going left and right are both fine gamewise but will result in different results and if I want to see the other result I have to do it all over again.

But that’s just me.

Oh, that’s not what I’m annoyed by. I love playing the levels multiple ways. What I was annoyed by is that every Hitman 1 level was included with Hitman 2. So even though I ran through Paris like 50 times to complete every achievement, I “had” to do it again in Hitman 2 to get the 100%. Taking a look at some reviews and it seems like Hitman 3 allows you to import your progress from the previous games so maybe that won’t be an issue.

Super Bunnyhop (one of my favorite YouTube game reviewers) has published a video on Hitman 3 as inclusive with Hitman I & II (basically start at the beginning and play all the way through).

He absolutely loves it when it is played all as one, big game.

What I found interesting is he says as a combined whole you don’t really try to redo levels a million times to unlock everything which you would do previously. Because it is now a cohesive whole you want to get to the next mission to advance the storyline.

Honestly, my one complaint with Hitman, as a completionist gamer, was always wondering if I did a level the “right” way or the most “fun” way or most “efficient” way or the “fastest” way or if I was missing something which made me feel I had to keep doing it over and over and over. I hate that. I want to move forward in a game. Not feel I have replay the level I just did ten more times so I can do all the things and get the cool stuff.

Anyway, here’s the video: