Hitman Blood Money didn't work, what else should I try?

I recently bought Hitman Blood Money. It didn’t work on my PC. So, I’m taking it back. I’m not interested in trying to get it to work. It was an error on my part about the the system requirements I overlooked so I have to find something else. I thought about exchanging it for Hitman Contracts, but I don’t think they have that game. I’ve played Hitman 2 and a little of Contracts. Contracts was loaned to a friend who has now lost it. What else is out there that is much like the Hitman Series.

I didn’t know there were any stores that let you return unopened software, except as an exchange for the same software.

Sorry to hijack your post, but where did you buy it at?

EB Games

It was bought used for a lesser price

How about the Splinter Cell games? I liked all four of them (the fourth least of all), and even the first one still holds up quite well.

Sounds good. I’ll check them out. Any other suggestions?

Maybe the Thief series if you can find them. They’re old, and I’ve never played them, but I know they’re well-liked. That’s about all I can think of.

I liked No One Lives Forever 2. It’s like Hitman, you sneak around and kill people, it is a little lighter in tone over all. I never played the original.

There’s always Postal 2, if you just want to stroll around and kill. With napalm.

tangent: Costco lets you return opened software,. as long as you don’t abuse the privilege.

Have you tried Manhunt?
I haven’t been too successful with the Hitman series because I’m too impatient for a lot of stealth. Instead of “Silent Assassin” I was usually rated as “Mass Murderer.” I’m more of a Storm In Both Barrels Blazing With Grenade In Pocket And Rocket Launcher Strapped To Back kind of woman, I guess.

But Manhunt rewards you for stealth and basically involves sneaking around killing a bunch of psychos. It’s incredibly twisted and sick. Yay!

Thanks for the recommendation, Haunted! And welcome to the boards. I just added that to my Amazon wishlist. Now, if I can just fit it into my gaming lineup.

Thanks, Deadly. I’ve lurked here on and off for years. The SDMB is really a great place.

On topic, I think you might like *Thief: Deadly Shadows *, jacob. It’s only two or three years old. I have it but haven’t played it much.