HItting Home: Monday shooting four miles from my house

…and, oddly enough, on a night when our garbage disposal gave up its last breath, and we discussed going to Home Depot and getting a new one. It died at about 8:50, and we thought Home Deport probably closed at 9, so it would have been a rush to get there; we decided I’d pick up a new one on my way home from work today.

It was… very disturbing… to turn on the news in an hour and hear that there had been a shooting at Home Depot.

Mrs. Bricker is absolutely terrified.

Mr. Bricker isn’t entirely calm, either.

  • Rick

Two of my stepsibs, along with their spouses and kids, live in Falls Church.

‘Not entirely calm’ would describe my reaction as well. I didn’t think any of them would be headed to Home Depot so late on a ‘school night’, so to speak, but still.

Where is Sykesville, MD, in relationship to the shootings? I have a friend who’s a mail carrier there, and she must be terrified . . .

THese have been too close to my house, too :frowning: The Falls Church one was 16 miles… pretty far, but the Manassas one was only 7… and the Exxon one was less than a mile from my friend’s house :X

Three of the first shooting locations - the one at the Shoppers, the one at the gas station on Connecticut and Knowles and the man shot in DC on Georgia Ave - are all less than 2 miles from my house.

Unfortunately, I know how you feel.

It happened right after the NBC Dateline special on the shootings. Some people are speculating that the guy watched the show, then went out with his rifle.

Pure speculation, of course, but how creepy it is that the guy is probably watching all this on tv?

All things considered, it’s a bit north of the general area this guy’s in. More near Baltimore than the D.C. area. But as this loon has shown himself to be pretty mobile, you never know.

Sykesville is just west of Baltimore County. In Carroll County, which butts up against the northwest edge of Baltimore County.

I used to live in South Arlington, and shopped in Seven Corners a lot. These days, we’re in Prince William County, very close to the Manassas shooting.

This is all very close to home, especially after the Pentagon attack a year ago that was close by my Crystal City office.

Even though I live in Akron, OH these days, I grew up in Dominion HIlls. That’s one mile from Seven Corners. My parents still live in same house there since 1947. I go to that Home Depot every time I go to see the Parents. Was there in April. My dad goes there every week. Scary.

I remember when they built that shopping center in the 50’s. Used to walk there from my house in the afternoon. It was the place to go if you were a teenager.

All our best from those of us living outside the DC area.

This wouldn’t be the home depot near TJ, would it? My sister goes to school there and my godmother and her husband live not a mile or so from said HD.

That’s where my husband is from, and his parents still live there. It’s kind of tucked away; there are no big stores or restaurants there.

I’m in Southern Frederick County, not that far from the Montgomery County shootings. My parents live close to some of those shootings (they’re in PG County) and my brother and his wife live in Falls Church, very close to last night’s shooting.

Definitely scary times right now.