Hitting people in dreams

I’ve noticed that when I get into fights with people in my dreams (doesn’t happen often), when I try to punch them, it feels as if I’m trying to swing my arm through water, and I can never seem to land a solid blow. This happens every single time I throw a punch, in every dream I’ve ever had in which I got into a fight.

Is this just something that happens to everybody because you can’t physically “feel” anything hitting you–and vice versa? Or is this some subconscious thing that I have against hitting people?

This happens in my dreams sometimes. Although I usually feel as if I am swinging at air, and just can’t connect to anything, or I feel as if I am too weak to do any damage. Only once or twice can I recall having a dream where my punches were anything close to real.

That happens to me sometimes. The feeling of resistance comes from my arm dragging along the sheets when I’m punching the person in my dream. I know this because I often wake up when I end up punching the wall.

Every time I shoot a gun in a dream, it misfires. Every time. It’s eerie.

If any of you starts getting Freudian on me I’ll kick your ass.

Am I the only person who never dreams about doing something violent to another person?

I have that same problem when I am trying to run toward, or from something in a dream.

I kicked a terrorist leprechaun in a dream just two nights ago. It was a pretty effective kick. When I woke up, my toes were sore.

Terrorist Leprechaun? I gotta get on some of that.

A lot of times, I’ll try to run or even just walk and it won’t work (in a dream, damnit). It’s like I have trouble doing real actions, or something.

My body functions very oddly in dreams. For example, if there is an instance where I need to run away from something, such as a hazard or monster or whatnot, my legs become as heavy as lead. I’m not completely stopped, but moving in agonizing slow-motion. However, if I am chasing something, the opposite is true; I have incredible speed.

I have the same effect when I dream of hitting someone. However, if, during the dream, I am visualizing what I am going to do (punch, roundhouse kick, knife stab, etc) I will do it exactly as I have visualized it. But if I just spontaneously try to do it, its like punching through water.