Hleo me ID this old movie on very little information

IIRC part of the plot is that some men (politicians?) conspire to exert pressure on a rich and/or influential man re some deal, legal ruling or other thing he has influence over by letting his simpleminded adult son become the town fire chief and wear a fire chief hat. The son loves official hats and badges.

If the influential man does not cooperate they will take way the fire chief hat from his son.

Does this or a similar scenario ring any bells?

Well, 1933’s The Chief is about a doofus who becomes honorary fire chief because of his father, becomes an unlikely hero and then has politicians from opposing sides try to use him for their own benefit, only to be inadvertently thwarted by said doofus.

I know that differs significantly from your description, but it also touches some of the right bases.

The film stars comedian Ed Wynn, who was known as the Fire Chief character: Wynn would come out on-stage wearing a fire chief’s hat and breathlessly tell terrible jokes rapid-fire, one after the other. He was also known for his Perfect Fool character, which was featured in The Chief.

Most people know Ed Wynn from his later work with Walt Disney: he was the voice of the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland and he played Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins.

He was also nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as Mr. Dussell in The Diary of Anne Frank.

His wiki page has some terrific stuff; he seems to have been a helluva guy who lived a helluva life.

You have to love his gravestone inscription.

Except it isn’t really his gravestone I discover:

Wynn’s Grave Photo