Hmm? Decisions! Watch the S-of-U or go barf a few times.

Should I?
He’s sooooooo sickening to watch. But he might name himself King or something. Info I might need to know.

Gah!! :smack:

Let political reporters take that damage and tell you. Yes, it’s filtered, but… you don’t want to be exposed to Trump without a filter.

(I’m watching a Lets Play of of Mass Effect, and indoctrination there is pretty scary. Always have a shield/filter!)

I’ve just poured a beer (Bell’s Hopslam) and turned on the PS4 (Skyrim again). Not sure if those are options for you, but I recommend them over both of your current options. Best of luck. (Don’t watch. I mean, what could you as a good person on this planet gain from watching that charade?)

But if you watch you’re gonna barf anyway, right? Might as well barf and *not *watch. Spare yourself the agita.

If those are my options, I choose barf. After the way the Senate behaved lately, I am kind of done looking at evidence for why I should approve of Trump.

I’m trying to remember the last SOTU I saw on TV. I think it was by Jimmy Carter. I’ve found other entertainments.

I had a choice of either Andy Griffith or All In The Family reruns, so no problem.