Ho, ho, ho - dead giant

CNN story

Elmer Dresslar, the voice of the Jolly Green Giant, has died.

One of the most memorable commercial taglines in TV history.

I hope he took that bastard Sprout with him.

It is so wrong that I knew what this thread was about, and I laughed at the title none the less.

I will now have that HO HO HO in my head all day.

This worries me. It’s my theory that the Jolly Green Giant and Santa Claus are/were one and the same. Look at the evidence!

  1. They both say “Ho Ho Ho”
  2. Santa only works one night a year. The JGG only works in the spring, summer, and autumn. Easy to moonlight.
  3. How does Santa get around the world in one night, and with all the presents? He’s a giant!
  4. The colours of christmas- red and green. Due to holly berries…or the two different outfits of Santa!
  5. Santa is often described as “jolly”.

An obligatory note to an ealier “giant,” Herschel Bernardi