Hockey Thread........ Pee Wee Rep Team

Well, my son didn’t make the Rep team this year. He played his heart out…but that wasn’t good enough, barely.

He’s okay with it, but when a friend of his makes the team and he doesn’t, it kind of stings I think. The coaches have a tough job…cutting kids who are every bit as good as the people on the team.

Of course, this is coming from his Dad…I think he’s got a chance to go to a major (junior) league. Atleast, perhaps he’s able enough to get a scholarship.

He just turned 12…he wears a mens size 10 skate…he’s 138 lbs and almost as tall as me. When he uses his body, he looks like Domi or Probert. The other team would see him coming, and get out of the way…the puck was forgotten, my boy picked it up, and passed it to the slot, where we promptly scored.

It turns out he should have taken the shot himself. That was one of the reasons he didn’t make the rep team…not enough shots on goal.

The house league he’s in will be good for him. He’ll (hopefully) learn that he can lead a team.
Anyone with kids in hockey? What’s the system like in your country?

I don’t have kids in hockey, but I played. I guess I got lucky in that I didn’t try to score a lot. Most of the kids got money from their dads when they scored. I got just as much for an assist as for a goal, so I didn’t feel the pressure. My Dad and coach all saw that somebody good at setting up assists was just as valuable as the guy who puts the puck in the back of the net. I’ve been there and done that, and it’s not much consolation, but there’s always next year. What position does he play, by the way?

‘try to score a lot’ should have been ‘have to score a lot.’ I made a bunch of money off assists. :smiley: