Hold up guys - I know who's getting the oscar for best picture

It’s this film.

Obvious when you think about it.

That’s hysterical.

That’s wonderful.

[Witty comment]

[praise to prove I watched the link]

Ho ho, friendly black optimistic advice.

Statement approving of its originality and hyperbole about the true comedic value.

The young lab guy from CSI as a retard and the stalker chick from Flight of the Conchords in a lesbian kissing scene - I’d see this in IMAX.

[comment about the effective potential of good editing]

Use of samples from preexisting high-quality motion picture score to create a positive aesthetic impression, and gloss over any problems with the footage itself!

The [nobility] is stupid and bad, and at best is out of touch with the [peasants]! Note that [nobility] may include the audience itself by implication!

[comment showing that I’m jumping on the bandwagon of acclaim for this film early]

[glowing five-word quote from a critic you never heard of, probably just saying"Catch Phrase - You’ll Love It!"]

Obligatory thumbs up!

[Adequate Amount of Foreplay]

Looks like a rip-off of [cult favorite film that wasn’t nominated last year]

Sneering contempt for popular movie and mention of obscure film to display my hipness.

I was also into [Obscure Film] before it’s style became mainstream.

[decries amount of violence and irresponsible sex displayed in film]

[points out that the violence was ironic and the sex was a feminist political statement]

I haven’t seen it yet but I have a snobby and snarky opinion of it.