Hollywood baby names...I can't help it!!!

Emetophilia Squeegee Motorcycle [Lastname]
Fish Singularity Bondage [Lastname]

[Wrong forum?]

I’m not sure where you’re going. Are we supposed to supply real Hollywood baby names or make up names we think are Hollywoody. What’s the idea?

Making them up.

How about Amber Treasure? :wink:

…or Feathers Lulu Xenu?:wink:

Ooh, I like that one.


The radio station I listen to in the car was having some sort of game today, where you sent your name and they’d make up a Rock Star Name for you (I imagine they were using a webpage or something).

Instead of the two usual DJs, Willie and Billy, today we had Muppet Zombie and T-Bone Vicious. Those sound almost rational compared with some of the real names floating around Hollywood :slight_smile:

We’re expecting right now – but not sharing the name we picked for our impending sprog of doom. When people ask, we say we’re going to name her:

Metallica Greenday.

Very Hollywood, if you ask me. Given I work in television/film (screenwriting) and theater, it amuses my coworkers no end… :wink:

Perhaps this one, which changes the name I use IRL to Mister Babylon, while turning Sternvogel into Acid ?. “Vincent Furnier” becomes Flat-top Sputum – you decide if that’s more or less appropriate than how he chose to restyle himself.