Guess the name of Britney's Baby!

Any suggestions? A shiny penny if anyone guesses correctly!
Me? I’m too fried to think of anything.

If it’s a boy, I would guess Mastrubine. If it’s a girl, I would guess Urina :smiley:

Funderburk Bocephus

It really doesn’t matter what his name is, doesn’t she have to give him up to Lucifer as part of the contract?

Preston Michael Spears Federline

That’s a rumor I heard.

Well, fathers are getting more visitation rights these days.

I’msofuckedupbecausemymamasastupidhoandmydaddysagolddigginggigolo Federline? Fedderline

Asparagas Spears-Federline


Is there an Arab connection?

Sheik Spears?

They’ve decided on Apple for a girl and Dweezil for a boy. Because Britney couldn’t think of an original dumb name.

Luxury Yacht-Federline. But it’s pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove-Spears.


I know, it’s more of a cat name, but really, she’ll probably carry him around in a Louis Vuitton pet carrier anyway.

If it’s not Mackinzye, Brionna, Hunterr, Mikaela, Shayne, Alexandré, or Zakkary, I’ll be most disappointed.

Slidey McDrenchycooze.

Beauregard Vernon

Livingston Jackson

Bossier Catahoula

Morehouse Winn

Avoyelles Franklin

And, of course, my favorite:


(pronounced “Franeekliedoenetgeeeyevadaman”)

My money’s on Spike Angelus.

This is so easy. The child will be named Baby One More Time.

It was supposed to be London Preston for a boy, Addison Shye for a girl, but the latest reports are Preston Michael.

Oh well, at least it’s not Kevin Jr.

How long do you think K-Fed will hang around?