Britney Spears sliced up the belly, spawn removed

I like how 68% of MSNBC voters feel Britney will not make a good mother.

So I guess I’m not alone in really feeling sorry for this kid.


C-section, eh?

I figured he’d come cartwheeling out.

He was, I hear, wearing a black vinyl bodysuit. And had Federline’s high school class ring in his mouth.

Where did I put my Book of Revelations?

Under the seventh seal.

I’m surprised she hasn’t given birth to a giant Cheeto.

To paraphrase Jay Leno:

Britney is having a baby boy - just what she needs, another unemployed guy around the house sleeping all day.

Unemployed no longer, my dear DMark. I heard somewhere that Mr. Spears has obtained employment as a dance teacher. :rolleyes:


If Britney was’nt famous, do you think she’d have starred in on eof those pregnancy fetish videos i’ve been… hearing about? :wally

Am I the first to say congratulations to the new mother?

Don’t forget, he’s releasing a rap album next year.

So we should prepare now by destroying televisions, radios, and boycotting every music store on the planet? Or perhaps just buying some earplugs :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally don’t think she’d make a bad mother, but that doesnt necessarily mean that I think she’ll make a good one :rolleyes:

The blurb I read on AOL News had this to say:

As someone who has given birth to two kids, one vaginally and one c-section, I gotta tell you, she really didn’t think that whole “avoiding pain” thing through. She’d have been better off with an epidural and popping him out naturally. The pain and recovery after a c-section was much worse than a vaginal birth. She’s a moron.

In related news, the sun came up this morning. :wink:

Britney may not be the smartest perosn on Earth. And she doesn’t have a lot of talent. But her family life doesn’t seem any more screwed up than the average celebrity’s. I figure little Preston has at least a chance in life.

It’s “Blanket” Jackson I expect to see having a dozen dead prostitutes dug out of his basement some day.

It saddened me that msnbc didn’t actually use your wonderful headline.

The poor kid never had a chance.

I like that MSNBC’s readers are weighing in with opinions on this stupid, stupid topic.

I agree. It ranks right up there with “The Rock in the Box. I Burning Your Dog”.

I actually used to write headlines for a living. My crowning jewel, which I thought would never actually make it to print: “City erection halted” in reference to a construction project put on hold. When called out on it by my editor, I challenged her to do better. She couldn’t, but I don’t think she really tried. I suspect she was somewhat intrigued by seeing the word ‘erection’ in 44-point font. Granted it was buried in the middle of the section, but it was always my goal to get the words “erection” or “erects” somewhere on the front page. Never happened tho.

My second choice for this thread title: “Pop tart’s filling removed.”


I’m hoping she will name the kid “Broccoli”.

Broccoli Spears.
Might as well. Not like he’s gonna get any more messed up by it… :wink: