Hollywood out of ideas: Jungle Book 2

Why? Why? Why?

Is nothing sacred??? Is there no originality?

I saw some of this “sequel.” I was hoping for some sophisticated character development since last we met our heroes. You know, Mowgli with grandchildren who are embracing the new modern world. Then there’s the horrible logging company threatening to strip burn the forest while a grandfatherly Baloo lays on his deathbed chanting “damn them! Damn them all to hell!”

But no. Painful flimsy plot. Mowgli has not even grown an inch. They didn’t even have the dignity to find a voice similar to the original Baloo(what happened to the guy that did Tailspin??). It’s John GOODMAN. And they resurrect the old original musical numbers in their ENTIRETY.

sniff Damn you Eisner.

If it’s not one of Disney’s Full Length Animated Features, which they number, don’t see it. I learned this lesson with the first Aladdin sequel. Dan Castellaneta is a very talented man but his Genie sucks.

Of course their numbered series is no guarantee either but at least there you stand a decent chance of being entertained.

The guy that voiced Baloo on Tale Spin was Ed Gilbert, who apparently passed away in 1999.

Disney has done a bunch of dumb sequels in the past few years, but most have gone straight to video. Somehow, the like of Return to Neverland and The Jungle Book 2 slipped through the cracks.

I had heard that Disney was planning sequels to all the classic animations. On video, we have Cinderella 2, at least two Aladdin sequels, Return to Neverland, and a few others, I think, that I’ve suppressed.

My DVD of Dumbo has a sort-of trailer for Dumbo 2 – shudder. I can only begin to imagine “Snow White divorces the Prince and goes to work in the dwarfs’ mine” or “Bambi 2 – Revenge against the Deer Hunter”

My guess is that this is a way of maintaining the copyright/trademark on the characters. It’s certainly a lack of imagination.

Well, there’s (not using their actualy titles) Fantasia 2, Dumbo 2, Cinderella 2, Peter Pan 2, Lady & the Tramp 2, 101 Dalamtions 2, Jungle Book 2, Winnie the Pooh 2, The Rescuers 2, The Little Mermaid 2, Beauty and the Beast 2, Aladdin 2, Lion King 2, Pocahontas 2, Tarzan 2 and Lilo & Stitch 2 is in the works. I’m sure there are more, that’s off the top of my head.

This website lists a lot more. I say again, if it’s not one of their DFLAF, don’t see it.

And my sister will get each and every one of those. And then watch it everytime it’s on the disney channel. sigh

Really, I don’t see the point. “Happily ever after” doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, why do they bother? Yeah, I know, money.

Does Disney own John Goodman (indenturered servertude)? - he voiced for such Movies as The Emperor’s New Groove, Monster’s Inc, and The Jungle Book 2.

Which begs the question…has Disney ever successfully provided a quality sequel?

I have my doubts.

I too wonder why Disney goes this route with the so called sequels. There are SO many stories to tell and I would think it would be more advantageous to create newer characters. From a marketing perspective. I know the old ones are tried and true but don’t they get it that they are watering down what made them so lovable in the first place? Lighting rarely strikes twice in the same place.

I forgot about Toy Story (that is a Pixar/Disney film right?).

Ok…what else?

Rescuers Down Under.

At least Toy Story 2 was good. Many consider it better than the original; most agree it’s at least as good as the first.

Don’t forget The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2. (straight-to-video 2002)

“This time it’s personal.”

I acutally liked Lion King 2. In keeping with the tradition of ripping off Shakespere, number 2 was a star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet type story. Makes me wonder which of the Bard’s plays they’re going to cribnote into the script for Lion King 3.

And yes, they are working on a third one.

I’m hoping for a Lion King Lear myself. “Out out vile jelly!”

Didn’t Disney do an ‘evil loggers threaten forest’ animated movie not too long ago? It was pretty heavy-handed if I remember correctly.

I think that was “Fern Gully,” NutWrench. Not sure if it was Disney or not.

Although the characterization, plot, continuity, music… okay, although EVERYTHING goes downhill in a sequel, the quality difference is probably lost on the youngest consumers. My friend’s nephew Ashton didn’t want to see Toy Story Two to enjoy the banter and pop-culture references, he wanted to see “Buzz and Wooooody! Buzz and Wooooooody!” Didn’t matter much what they were doing.

I realize it’s just a Disney franchise, meaning money is the motivation and possibly mantaining the copyright, but The Jungle Book is one of the few Disney movies from my childhood I still have some attachment to. A bland sequel like this one troubles me. Making a sequel considering the ending of the original and the loss of the voice actors who made the orignal great (Phil Harris, George Sanders, Sterling Holloway and Louis Prima) seem pointless. But what else would I expect from the House of Mouse

The third Aladdin movie wasn’t horrifically bad. They got Robin Williams back, at least. Though I think it would’ve been a lot cooler if it had been made with its original plot – revealing Mozenrath (one of the coolest and most complex Disney tv villains ever) to be Aladdin’s brother. Alas, Jonathan Brandis couldn’t be reached, or so the rumor goes, and the movie introduces Al’s dad instead.

C’mon, man, Al and Moze even look alike!

I remember the day I was sitting in the movie theater, getting ready to see The Ring and caught a glimpse of the moving billboard at the theater. It was such a quick glance that I thought I was mistaken. Then the tiles turned once again, my brain said “No!” and my stomach tried to upheave itself. It wasn’t simply that they were making a sequel, but that the Jungle Book 2 was actually making it to theaters REALLY upset me.
It was one of my favorite movies growing up. One of my first records was one of those read along story books of it, where you can read the story, and then listen to the songs…absolutely wonderful. Even though I hadn’t seen it in years, King Louis’ song still rings in my head and comes out every now and again. I know with their current influx of super crappy, completely grituitous sequels, it was bound to happen, but I never in a million years would have thought this would take place. But hell, if they can find reason to have a Cindarella 2, I guess nothing is sacred.
And judging from the commercials, it sounds like all they did for the music was update all the songs from classy, groovy jazz beats to poppy rock songs. Are there any “All New Songs” in the thing? I’m never going to see it, and I hate Disney even more for this abomination to imagination.