Holy crap - a bionic cat!

Wonder if he can do that special slow run a la 6 million dollar man

We can rebuild him.

Make him better than he was.

Stronger, faster…


Fantastic! :slight_smile: Meccano moggy! I read about this on the Guardian website at a silly hour of night/morning and meant to post it in that thread about a Doper’s cat making medical history, but I hadn’t realised there was to be a television programme about it. Hmmm, sometimes it would be useful to have a T.V. Oh well, perhaps the B.B.C. will put it on the catch-up-later on the intertubes thing.

I liked the fact that practically the first thing to do was to barricade doors etc., too prevent the cat from getting too exploratory.


This Noel Fitzpatrick guy is my new hero!

And Oscar is such a beautiful cat too. A bit daft of him to have a fight with a combine harvester in the first place, of course. :smiley: I hope he doesn’t do that again.

“Oscar” is also a pretty serendipitous name for a “bionic” cat.

Wow. That really brightened up my hectic day.
Thanks for posting this gem.

Umm … I got something in my eye. sniff and my allergies are acting up. Yeah, that’s it.

this story I like!

I see a need for Pogo Stick Kitty, who can jump ten times his own height.

Not really. But man, would it be fun to watch.

You just know they’re working on opposable thumbs. :slight_smile:

My vet’s cat can turn door knobs, and is probably eying the can opener.

“I’m not going to put brown feet on a black cat” :smiley:

You could name it ‘Flea’.

We need more stories like this; stories that leave me smiling. :slight_smile:

Yay :slight_smile:

Ok. Attachments are needed, since we can snap things on and off.

Suction Cups.
Machine Guns.
One of those Grabber/Entendie Things.
A wall/ceiling with sockets to plug into/out of.

Even if not on the cat, maybe on a person, now that they have the tech. Hedge trimmer maybe.

Oscar even made the pages of the Sunday paper here.

Rocket booties!

“Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s Cybercat!!

I’d be careful about what you wished for. If cats had had oppossable thumbs 1 million years ago, we’d all be speaking Siamese and fetching goldfish dipped in catnip for our feline masters.

Oh… waitaminnut. :smack: I’m already doing that. Nevermind…

That reminds me of the radio banter after some guy had his severed hand replaced with a cadaver’s. “If he asked nicely would they have given him a woman’s hand?”