Cat lovers, check this out

This is too damn funny.

You are sick and twisted!

And yes you are right.
Looks like the moggy is enforcing it’s position in the hierarchy.

I used to have a cat that did crazy shit like that. Would sit under the end-table and wait for somebody to walk by, and BLAMO, you now have a cat attached to your shin. The worst was when the bastard, hmmm, nice kitty, would sit on top of the frig. Go walking past, and the next thing you know, you’re scalped. Now i know why my mom wanted me to take the damn thing when i moved out. NO WAY MOM! :smiley:

How con-veeeeeeeeeen-ient! That someone happened to be recording the kid walking – “hey ma, he’s walking, get the camera!” – just as the cat jumps out.

Now either the cat has done this before, or it’s a set-up, and the cat was tossed at the kid. Either way, unless the cat was declawed, somebody showed poor judgment.

It is kinda funny though.

So we meet again, Mr. Bond, er MSK!
How did they get my cat on film, and who is that baby???

I think somebody tossed the (either very mild-mannered or declawed) kitty. The cat appears from very close to the ground, yet it’s fully extended, not in “springing” position. And after the “attack,” the cat just walks calmly off in the other direction. A cat that’s really pissed enough to pounce like that is going to hang on.

But it is kind of funny :smiley:


I think the cat was chucked. That’s how cats like to fly, right Bernard? (the black, mild mannered darling that lives with me. He says no and wants to know what awful person would do such a thing. He also reminds me that he can get to my sewing faster than I can.)