We saw this on the news last night.

Luckily, so did someone else, and they put it on YouTube. We actually rewound to watch again and record it.

A reporter at our local Fox station was doing a report on cat abuse, and was holding one of the cats at the shelter. She’s a perfect reason you should never bounce a cat like a baby.

Cat attacks Fox 8 reporter

Yes, the reporter was okay. :smiley: It seems like she was more embarrassed than anything else.


I’m always amazed by American TV reporters and how they always bounce back with their composure no matter what. After her annoyed, defeated sigh from being just scratched in the face and the couple of seconds cutaway I wasn’t expecting her to pop right back up as perky as ever.

That is funny, and she obviously isn’t a cat person. That cat gave her all kinds of warning.

Hey! The ditz was reporting from the shelter a couple miles from my house! (Not that I really want to start watching local Fox news to see what other dumb stuff they might do.)

(Who in their right mind bounces a cat, to begin with, and then keeps bouncing it when it loudly complains?)

My daughter came into my room to see what the caterwauling was about. She was amazed at the cluelessness of the reporter. The cat was telling the reporter that it had had enough, the reporter just didn’t listen.

I’m certain if the cat had dropped the name of a sponsor the lady would’ve listened up.

It seems she thought that sound was an indication that kitty was “having fun.”

I can’t imagine why - maybe she sounds like that when she’s having fun. Or something.

I hate cats. I hate them with an undying passion.
The reporter was cute though. Very cute.

I remember that one where the guy got clawed in the package just after explaining how nice and friendly the cat was. Remember that video? Some lady tried to put a fricking cardboard box over the cat when it began freaking out and that just made it even more mad.

This made me laugh out loud.

hah. and nobody had the presence of mind to say, “maybe we should get you a different cat”?

poor lady sounded a bit shook up after that. She probably has fish.

Funny shit.

Not so perky. She was on the verge of tears. Someone should certainly have been watching her and should have told her that kitty was some ticked and that she should put the pussums down stat.

IIRC, he didn’t get just clawed in the package, the cat clawed up and down his legs while he was trying to sort himself out.

Both of these are reasons why actors say you should never work with animals. :smiley:

That would be Pinky.

After it cut back to the cat sitting in the Kitty Condo thing, it took me awhile to realize what I was seeing. I thought the cat was in a toilet. Like that’s where they found it after it ran away. :o

Do you mean the cat or was that the name of the handler’s package? :smiley:

I’m a cat person and I misread my Quicksilver! Happy Birthday!'s feelings about my rendition of the Chicago Bear’s Fight Song during the play-offs. I was holding her like an infant, singing to her (as I had been doing for a couple days) and suddenly she reached up and clawed me right in the kisser. I bled for a day and a half! Luckily, they were punctures and not a complete rake job or I’d be wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask for the remainder of my days.

Don’t ask me why my ultra-liberal husband watches Fox 8 News. :rolleyes: He loves their morning show, and usually puts the 10 PM news on if there’s nothing else on that he wants to watch.

Those were obvious warning signs from that cat - even if you’re not a cat person, I can’t imagine not taking those as sounds of displeasure.


Actually, I think she got off pretty lightly - I didn’t see any bloody furrows across her face, which is what the cat had been talking about doing to her. I agree that someone should have warned her that the cat was not “having fun”.

A similar situation happened to the bitch who got me fired from the local Humane Society. I had scheduled a short spot on cat adoptions with a local TV station, and bitch decided she would go ahead and do it instead of getting someone who actually liked cats and knew how to handle them. I wasn’t lucky enough to see all of it, but I did catch the end of it when I was alerted my Mr. SCL’s uproarious laughter from the den. Trying to catch his breath, he told me the cat tore her ass up one side and down the other.