Holy crap, I have jumping bugs in my bathroom!

My boyfriend dragged me in there to see our new fauna. (I didn’t WANT to see what now lives where I pee!) And they are weird. I can’t for love nor money get a good picture of the one we got in a jar, so I’ll try to explain. There were two or three of them, and they were maybe three quarters of an inch long and slender. They seemed to just have two main body divisions, although the top part might be wings that don’t look like wings. They JUMP. I mean they jump like crazy - like fleas, only much bigger. Just pop, into the air - they go probably a foot up! They’re brown and they seem to be smooth and matte finished, but it’s hard to tell because even in the jar it jumps. This is in South Carolina. Ideas?

Some sort of cricket - like a Camel Cricket?

Click beetles

Click beetles! That’s them! They’re pretty neat, really. So, with what Wikipedia says about their wormlike larvae, they’re not likely to be in water, are they? Only because I always thought my boyfriend was dreaming these worms in the toilet when he gets up to pee in the middle of the night. I call them his pink elephant penis worms, because he could never prove they existed in the cold light of day… was he right?

Click beetle larvae are usually vegetarians. They are not found in aquatic environments (like toilets).

So the love of my life is still hallucinating penis worms. Good to know.