Holy Crap I think I'm Pregnant!!

It seems like it was not that long ago that I started a “how did you parents know you were ready for a kid?” thread, but that was actually back in February or March. We stopped using birth control, and in July of this year I found out I have PCOS after not getting a period for 3 months straight.

At that time I remember 5 different giant NEGATIVE pregnancy tests staring at me in the face and feeling broken and disheartened. But I started medication for the syndrome and a few months later, I got a regular period!

That was last month, roughly 35 days ago. I figured since the meds seemed to be working, and I appear to have ovulated, after one more successful period I’d start doing the basal body temping and tracking again, in hopes to give it a good try next month.

My boobs had been really sensitive the past few days, and after realizing how much they really hurt–I can’t even brush past one with my arm without a wicked ache–I pulled out an old home test and peed on it.

Within one minute it showed a VERY strong positive blue plus sign!!!
I immediately called in Mr. Elysium and we marveled at it and cried for a bit, but I was afraid to put my hopes in a test that was sitting in my cabinet since July, so after the gym tonight we picked up a pack of Clearblue Easys.

The flashing hourglass was maddening, but it suddenly blinked and the word “Pregnant” was right there on my counter.

I can’t believe it actually happened!
I’m calling the doctor tomorrow to confirm with blood tests, but I’m terrified of miscarrying due to the PCOS.

ACK! I dont’ know what to expect, but I DO know my boobs are KILLING ME.


My boyfriend’s sister has PCOS but had three straightforward pregnancies and now has three healthy kids. Don’t worry too much. :slight_smile:

We went through a similar story. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing that positive result staring at you. In our case, we were sure it had worked this time after a year of trying, because my wife was showing every symptom you can imagine, but the test was negative. The doctor had us wait an extra ten days and test again before starting the next round of medication, just in case, and the late test, which was supposed to be just a formality, was positive. I wasn’t even awake for it.

The horribly tender boobs were always my first symptom too. Good luck!

Congrats and best wishes from Salt Lake City—Matthew

Wow! Stay sticky, ElysiumFetus!

Congrats! Your thread title made me grin, because it is word for word what I thought/said about four years ago.


Congrats. Sending sticky vibes your way!

This is wonderful! Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

Sticky vibes! Sore boobs was my first pregnancy symptom too.

Congrats!! Revulsion at the smell of coffee was my first symptom.

Thanks everyone! I keep wondering when it’s going to feel more real, it’s so strange to think of what is going on in there right now.
I’ll probably be heading to the library tomorrow to take out a few books, any recommendations fo a first-timer?
I hope this guy stays sticky!

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy. :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Tender boobs was one of my wife’s first symptoms, too. The other was the beer she was drinking at a tailgate party tasted like total crap, and it wasn’t Bud.

My serious advice would be to go talk to your doctor fast.

My not-so-serious advice: Start seriously thinking about the liquor and cigarettes pregnancy plan. Mrs Magill never took this piece of advice. She would always go for the “Eat Right, Take The Prenatal Vitamins[sup]1[/sup], and Drink Plenty Of Water” pregnancy plan. She always regretted it at the end. Sure the babies were healthy, but at what cost? She was uncomfortable for a couple of weeks.[sup]2[/sup]

[1] - Now available over the counter at target. This will save you a ton of money, since most insurances don’t cover vitamins.

[2] - Do I really have to say that the Not-so-serious advice is NOT to be taken seriously?

Congratulations, that’s great! :smiley:
There seems to be a rash of pregnancies on the Dope recently. Maybe I’ll catch it, too!

My sister in law suddenly discovered she liked watermelon with mustard. LOTS of mustard. :dubious:

What To Expect When You’re Expecting kinda sucks. I really liked The Pregnancy Book by Dr. Sears. Really, all the Dr. Sears books are excellent.

Some other bits of advice. If you get morning sickness, which for me was all-day sickness, throw your plan of eating only lean protein and leafy green veggies and wonderful fresh foods out the window. If the only thing that sounds good is donuts and Chef Boyardee beef ravioli, those are the things that will probably stay down. And your baby needs calories more than nutrition at that point–you can get the nutrition from a prenatal vitamin. Eat what sounds good if you’re sick–you can save the healthy stuff for the 2nd trimester when you’re feeling better.

You will most likely be exhausted for at least the first 13 weeks or so of your pregnancy. I took a nap almost every day. Your body is not only making a baby, but during the first trimester it’s also growing a brand new organ (the placenta). It takes a lot out of you. Rest as much as you can.

Best piece of advice I was given for caring for a newborn was from my pediatrician. He said to make the nighttime feedings and diaper changes as businesslike as possible. No turning on lights, no noise or music, just change and feed and put back down. My little girl was sleeping through the night by 6 weeks, and never got her days and nights mixed up.

This is very good advice.


I have PCOS and I’m getting married in January. We’re hoping that it doesn’t take forever for me to get pregnant. I’m so worried that I’ll never get pregnant because of the PCOS. I love hearing stories of people with PCOS who did get pregnant… it really gives me hope! I mean, I’m still a compulsive worrier, so I still worry about it. But at least I know it’s not impossible! It happens!

YAY FOR YOU! Hopefully in a few months, I’ll have people saying yay for me.


Oh. My.