Holy Shit! I'm movin' to Dallas!

Posted here because (a) it is not mundane or pointless, at least to me, and (b) because it’s a sequel of sorts to this Pit thread.


Finally – FINALLY – after two post-layoff contract gigs and seemingly endless attempts to get back home, I’ve finally got something. A good position at a nice, smaller law firm. Pay isn’t quite market but it seems like a nice place and they do good work. I’ll be closer to family, I can finally get a house, and the missus and I can get crackin’ on making babies.

Now, the universe might implode from this move – I’m working about three blocks from minty green – but hopefully we aren’t quite close enough to unleash the demon hordes through a rift in the time-space continuum. At least not yet.

I’m almost unspeakably happy about this. It’s been a long time coming, and you guys have been really supportive during a difficult time for me (minty especially). So thanks, guys.

Also: NY Dopers who wish to buy me a farewell drink can sign up here, as can Dallas Dopers who wish to buy me a welcome-home drink. Really, I’m all about the free booze.

/me goes to do the happy dance for awhile.

Oh great. Just what this state needs–another Republican.


Good for you, Dewey.

Yeah, this move really fucks up that electoral college map, doesn’t it? The balance of power shifts! :slight_smile:

Eh, you’ll probably wind up living in Eddie Bernice Johnson’s district. It’ll be just like you never left New York.

Well, that’s a peculiarity that you and him share, Minty, means that relative to humanity in general, you guys are much more alike than different.

Allow me to demonstrate: you cry out “Oh, great, another damn Republican” when any normal person would gasp “Oh, great, another damn lawyer!”

More lawyers is good for business. Dewey puts the business deals together, I tear 'em apart. Then he puts 'em back together, and the Great Circle of Law moves ever forward.

Wow. Elton John should write a song.

Dewey, happy to hear that you have regular work. I can’t help but wonder if the need to bill 42 or 49 hours a week will put a crimp in your participation here. Whether it does or doesn’t, good luck.

In terms of Republican-ness, some might think that our friend would be a welcome moderating influence in a state party dominated by Jesus, guns, a free lunch theory of taxation and crude oil.

Also, anyone who has any “future residents of Dallas should really know this” kind of information would be appreciated, as would advice on housing (especially short-term – I’m moving down ahead of my wife) and reputable places to buy a car.

Congrats! That’s great news, and I know you’ve been working toward it for quite a while. Pick a date for your New York farewell drink!

Plenty of nice apartments within 5-10 minutes of downtown. Househunting is somewhat more problematic, given the usual considerations of school districts, recreation, and recreational pharmaceuticals. I’ll be happy to toss in my perspective whenever appropriate. But what you really want to know, I’m sure, is where to buy damn good chile rellenos and ice cold Shiner Bock. Happily, your options are plentiful.

it’s not like minty’s vote would have even counted fer cryin out loud. have some compassion, man, isn’t that what you conservatives are known for? ( :wink: congradulations, and may your offspring vote Green :smiley: )

Well this is a good time for a Yank to move down here to Dallas. Our summer here has been uncharacteristicly cool. So maybe we wont kill you with our Texas heat. AT least not THIS year anyway. :wink:

Welcome. I moved to Dallas a bit over a year ago from Southern California in a job-related relocation.

Dallas is a great area to live–the cost of living is really low, and, um, hmm… just focus on how how cheap it is! :wink:

Congrats Dewey :).

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Yeah, you’d better let DeLay and Co. know of his arrival, so they can make the appropriate adjustment to the electoral boundaries. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Dewey. All we need now is for Bricker to move to Texas and we’ll have half our lawyers in one spot.

Congrats! Glad to hear you’ve finally found a gig down in Texas.

Count me in on the drinks.

You work for EA? :wink:

Shall we start a pool on how long it will be before minty and Dewey either become lunch buddies or mutually annihilate each other?