Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

My 17 nights of hotel living are fading into memory, and I’m back in the bosom of my family. I’m so glad I don’t have to travel too often.

The high spot of my trip had to be meeting the DC Dopers on Jan 21. I admit, I was a bit nervous when I entered the restaurant, but when everyone appeared to be relatively harmless, I decided to introduce myself. I wish I’d had a tape recorder or a court stenographer to preserve that afternoon, because I’ve forgotten most of the particulars. I do recall some comment about the age of consent of donkeys…

I can confirm that Weirddave lives up to his moniker - between him and Bluesman, I was in pain from laughing. I also got a kick out of my conversation with Jess - she and I were in Sicily about the same time. I also have vague memories of sharing a snide aside or two with Falcon, tho I can’t recall the topic.

My big regret is that I didn’t get to the other end of the table - as I was leaving, I was wishing I had more time… <damn homework> I did look down that way from time to time, and I noted a bit of an identity crisis, tho I don’t know why name tags were switched. I sure there was a perfectly logical reason. Anyway, it was nice to see all of you, even if we didn’t talk. Next time, I promise!!

I want to offer a special thanks to RTFirefly for calling me and letting me know about the change of venue, as I was completely off-line for the duration. <note to self: get a laptop…> I’d also like to thank Lucretia for the good-bye hug! :slight_smile: And to all - you’re a great group and I had a blast! Never have I felt more comfortable in a roomful of strangers <emphasis on strange> and I thank you all for a delightful evening!! Should you find yourselves in the northeast corner of Florida, do let me know. Not that I want any of you in my house, but I’d still like to know if you were in the area… :smiley:

Seriously, tho, thanks all - it was wonderful!