Home computer network question

I read the “sticky” re computer problems and didn’t see my problem discussed.

I have two computers I have semi-networked together, using a D-Link DI-604 router. I was immediately able to access the internet with the second computer, but that’s as far as I can get it. All attempts to share files/folders and printers fail miserably. I think that the problem lies in the fact that my “main” computer, a Dell Dimension 4100, runs Windows 2000 Professional and the second computer, an HP Pavilion 6736, runs Windows ME. (I was given this one; I wouldn’t have bought it.) And, I should say that the attempts fail while I am logged in as “administrator” as well as when I am logged in as my user name.

I would appreciate any and all inputs regarding this.

Thank you.

First thing I’d do, on each machine, is go to my computer, right click on hard drive (probably C:), properties, click on the sharing tab, and make sure access is allowed.

On the Windows2K machine, sharing is allowed. The WindowsME doesn’t have the same menu on a right click of properties. There is nothing there to indicate if sharing is allowed or not.

You have probably already done this, but is the networkign equivalent to “check the plug”.

-Make sure you have both on the same workgroup.

Also the workgroup should not affect the internet connectivity. If you have you Broadband line plugged into your router, it should distribute the internet to both regardless of whether the two PC’s are seeing one another.

-Check your IP configurations on the ME machine and see if resembles the IP on your Windows 2000 machine

on your windows 2000 goto start -> run ->type “cmd” -> then at the cursor type “ipconfig”. That will tell you what ip address is, right down the gateway adress too (its your router’s IP), it can be useful.

one the ME machine, I believe all you have to do is type “winipcfg” in the run box under start…someone please correct me if I am wrong, as I do know ther ei sno command prompt in ME.

hope this helps some

Thank you; I’ll certainly give it a try. Earlier today, I spoke with a computer consultant whose advice was to eliminate WindowsME and replace it with either XP Pro or 2000 Pro. I am not sure if she was serious or not, but it is sounding more and more like a reasonable idea.

I’m certainly not going to defend WindowsME, but telling you that it is the source of your networking problems is a disservice in my opinion. There is no reason why you can’t network these two machines.

There is a support webcast available from the Microsoft site that tells you how to setup and troubleshoot home networking in WindowsME.

You can find it here.

Good luck!

Agreeing with Daffy on that one. ME as much bag of dung it is, its perfectly network friendly bag of dung.

I have never used ME but if the Hard Drive Properties does not indicate Sharing then you may have to install the Networking Software. Is TCP/IP installed? If so then what is the IP number? Both computers must be in the same network and Workgroup to share.