Home Plate in Southwest Corner

Seems to me that Pittsburgh’s home plate is in the northeast corner and that Philadelphia’s is in the southeast corner. These are those big tall ugly donut stadiums built in the early 70s. Such little sun gets in that they have to use astro-turf. Thus, sun in the batter’s eyes is not a problem because the outfield stands are so high. I wonder if Cincinnatti’s field is similar.

I’m trying to imagine the founding of the moderated board earlier this year. A call goes out for moderators and a heated competition ensues. “I have these credentials,” “I’ve been posting for this long on AOL,” “I send better lasagna to Ed Zotti,” and so on.

Finally, the results are in. And the most coveted spot of all, moderating the comments on columns by the Master Himself, goes to JillGat.

“Oh, boy!” says JillGat. “To be in such a position, to moderate such erudition, such ignorance-stomping, such timeless subjects is an honor beyond compare!”

And then she spends the rest of her life posting the freakin’ link.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine