Home To Rothenburg For A Visit.....

That’s Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria. I’ll be there from 11-28 through 12.3, in case any German Dopers or American Dopers who will be there at the same time wanna get together for ein Bierchen (oder zwei, oder drei…:D)


I love love love Rothenburg! I am going to live there when I am an old lady! I’ll wonder the stone streets barefoot selling flowers and talking to myself.

Have a great time!

Here’s hoping you get a chance to lift one for Oncle Willi. Be sure to collect all your favorite old recipes from your relatives. I know that you will have a really great time visiting all of your kin!

We’ll leave the porch light on for you here at the boards.

Thanks, Zennie. Last time I was there I spent a lot of time in a cute little Internet Cafe, so I’ll post again from there if I can.

I will get to see my Onkel Bernd this time, and the agreed-upon wake for Willi will take place, so you may be sure his memory will be toasted heartily.

Diane, that’s where I will retire as well. If I see you on the streets muttering to yourself, should I introduce myself or should I give you a wide berth? :smiley:


Have a wonderful time, Quasi. :slight_smile:

Quasi, do me a favor and lift one of those honking liter glass boots to Oncle Willi.

Depends on how big my ass has grown. :wink: