Home Weather Stations - worth fixing or just replace?

So - any tech-toy-knowledgeable Dopers out there?

We have a LaCrosse Tech Weather Station - here is there website: http://www.lacrossetechnology.com/ws.php

We have a 4-year-old or so model; it doesn’t appear to be listed but is the Model 7078U. Anyway - like I guess any weather station, it has an outdoor sensor so it can get readings on temp, barometric pressure, etc., along with the indoor readout display.

Over the past few months, the link between the outdoor sensor and the indoor device has cut out - a lot. If you go to the LaCrosse site, they have a Troubleshooting guide which basically calls for taking out the batteries and then putting them back in - to both indoor and outdoor devices - in a certain order. Sometimes it works, sometimes it works after a few hours (I guess the satellite involved has to re-recognize the device or something) and sometimes it doesn’t work - like now for the past few weeks.

So - is this just a weather station problem and there is a regular need to re-set the indoor and outdoor devices? Is this something unique to LaCrosse Tech stuff and I should get another brand? Do these devices just have a short shelf life and are not worth fixing - just go get another? Or is there some bonehead fix I should’ve stumbled across that will take care of it for me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well, let’s get the obvious question out of the way…did you replace the batteries or just take them out and put them back in? Weak batteries will affect reception.

I’ve got a couple of those and they’ve been pretty reliable. But the outdoor transceiver did get ruined once when it shifted on its mount and filled up with water. You can buy new transceivers separately, although it’s only moderately cheaper than just buying a whole new set.

Yep - I’ve done it both way with no correlation to getting a readout. I usually change the batteries but if I just did recently, I will try the same ones…

I suppose there might be a short or something draining the batteries too quickly, but that would likely require just replacement…

I’m up to weather station number 3 in the last 7 years. At some stage mine all seem to stop communicating with the outside world! Take out batteries, replace batteries, sit them next to each other, buy new outside receiver, dance around with no clothes on … nothing makes a difference :slight_smile: . I’ve just assumed I’m cursed to cause them to fail!!

I have a lovely brother who replaces them for me (the last one that failed he took with him as he uses cable connections), though my current one also has freakout moments when the whole screen goes to bizarre and I have to pull out power (on batteries it was even worse). So sorry, not much help from me, just commiserations!

Ah - that is my experience, too - and I am not surprised; they appear to have a limited shelf life and don’t seem that strongly constructed…