Help me buy a wireless weather station for an 11 year old boy.

My nephew, who lives in Chicago, is a bright little boy with an inquisitive mind. I want to introduce him to weather monitoring. I was looking at this model but reliability seems to be an issue as is with most models in this price range. I’m willing to go up to $125 US. What I really need is some recommendations from Dopers who have experience with these devices. Any help? Note: He lives in a house with a back yard that his father owns so mounting external sensors are possible.

I think the one pictured is fine. Basically, it’s just an indoor/outdoor thermometer which is a pretty interesting gadget in itself. I have one of that particular brand but a bit cheaper model. However, in order to predict weather, you need pretty expensive and sophisticated instrumentation as well as access to weather satellite data. I suggest you include a few websites that will help him: Weather U/G 10 day forecast and Weather Network (showing the current jet stream). There are probably some others that I’m not aware of.

Buy him one, if he has any real interest, he will learn a lot and have a lot of fun doing it.:smiley:

When mounting the exterior transmitter unit, give a lot of thought the location where you mount it so that it’s never in direct sunlight or any place that will reflect local heating or cooling. That can be tricky as I have found.

Thank you Timetrvlr !

before finding a place to have the sensor/transmitter and the receiver/display they should be tried out. the distance might be far less than specified, based on the house. it might need to be in the closest room to the sensor.

the temperature sensor needs to be out of the sun, having air flow around it and protected from rain. also it should have lithium batteries in it to work through the winter. whatever surrounds the sensor, it’s housing, should be white.

also have the kid go to

to see forecasts and other observations to compare to.

Start with a simple weather station. Once he gets the bug, he can upgrade. But if he wants wireless and computer access then go for it.

Wow! A weather stick. Thanks.

I have the one linked by the OP as well as another one. It works fine and the display is nice in color. It does require that the included AC adaptor be used if you wish to have the back light on. My display and sensor are about 70 feet apart.

I just bought from Amazon the AcuRite 08580 Weather Station Plus Portable Weather Alert Radio. It will go for about $70, depending on the shipping you choose.

It tracks outdoor temp, humidity, and pressure, and displays trend indicators for all three. It doesn’t monitor indoor conditions.

In addition, you get Weather Service radio, that will automatically come on for weather alerts in the area. The radio has battery backup, and lifts out for portable use.