Our school has several home games before homecoming. What I am wondering is why it’s called homecoming. Wouldn’t they call it that if we had a bunch of AWAY games before that big night? Then they would be coming home…it boggles the mind.

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I believe it’s homecoming for the alumni and the fans, not the current team.

It’s a game set aside where the townsfolk are invited to come down to their alma mater and relive old times.

At least that’s how it used to be, and perhaps still is in hick country.

No offense to you.

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Do you know, being a far’ner and all, I’ve always wondered what that Homecoming thing was. If it is a do whereby alumni can come back for a day, what is the Homecoming Dance and a Homecoming Queen? This is way off the point I know, but now you’ve got me all curious.

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At my high school, the homecoming queen from the previous year (usually a senior) was present at the dance to “pass the crown” on to the new one. They did the whole “last dance as Homecoming Queen” shebang, and usually the King managed to show up too.

Besides, doesn’t everything in high school have to work in a popularity contest somewhere? :slight_smile:


At my high school, alumni were sort of unofficially invited to the homecoming dance (in contrast to most of the dances, where you either had to be attending the school or be an escort of/escorted by someone who was).

None of them who had graduated more than a year or two ago would ever show up, of course; who wants to hang around with a bunch of high school kids listening to whatever dreck is currently popular with them?

It’s called “homecoming” because that’s the event set aside for the alumni to “come home.”

Ahh, a peculiar thing but at least I understand now, tx Strainger.