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This will most likely be my third year of not going to a highschool homecoming, and I could not be happier! I personally believe that homecoming is just another pointless activity made up by people with way too much time on thier hands. I would like other people’s opinion on the matter, and if they went or not.


Homecoming = another excuse to get you to go to a high school football game. They pick the homecoming queen at halftime. Then there’s a homecoming dance after the game, which isn’t really that good, and it’s like most after-game dances.

I heard that the high schools in the Eastern part of the U.S. concentrates a lot more time on homecoming (more than the prom, at some occations) than the Western part, since no one gives a care about it over here in central CA. Any truth to this?

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What has this got to do with Mums?

I gotta admit, when I saw this subject, I thought it was a British poster complaining about their mother/mother-in-law.


I’ve never been to a homecoming game. I just don’t feel that nostalgic about high school. My ten year came and went, and I didn’t bother going; they wanted 50$ a head. I’m sorry, but I’m still friends with everybody I wanted to keep in touch with from HS.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I loved HS homecoming. I never had a college homecoming. But it was wonderful. We had bondfires, dances, dates, it was the offical start of autumn. The last chance to enjoy the weather before it got freezing. (in Chgo anyway).

But then again I like HS

I didn’t go to a dance in high school until my senior year. I think if I were to do it again, I’d have gone earlier. This isn’t something I deeply regret–the dances weren’t that great–but it was fun, and it’s something that only really happens in HS.

As for the game itself, I’ve never been much of a football person. I’ve got to a couple of games, and I could take 'em or leave 'em.

Anyway, it’ll be something you’ll remember…but it’s not worth stressing about. If you don’t want to bother with it, don’t.

Side note: we picked the homecoming king and queen the night before, and there was a big bonfire on the football field (The Burning of the V). Then there was the unofficial Burning of the Outhouse, out in the country on someone’s farm. I always skipped the outhouse burning…


I live in central California and at least around here it is true, no one in my HS really cared too much about homecoming.The prom or winter ball were bigger draws. Yours truly actually helped design the freshman float my first year in high school, but afterwards it wasn’t really all that big of a deal. No one talked about who’s wearing what or who’s going with who to the homecoming dance. People cared more about the football than anything else.

Not only did I never go to any HS football game, I never went to any pep rallies, and gave homecoming a deliberate miss, too. And you know what, I didn’t miss them.
Want to hear a shocker? I didn’t go to the prom either. 9 friends and I went to Six Flags instead, had a better time, didn’t have to buy the dress, or the $80 dollar ticket to the dinner. Didn’t regret any of it either. Follow your own road, kid.

Pep rallies were required attendance in my school (they usually took place during the last 15-20 minutes of 7th period, so we were still technically on school time and the school would be held responsible if we left the grounds and were smooshed by a log truck).

I never went to a single dance, and don’t really regret it, but I did try to go to the homecoming games, just because there’d be stuff like a bonfire and stuff that would make it a little more fun than a regular game. I enjoyed some of the other homecoming week activities, too, like the dress-up days, the hallway decorating contests, and the noise parade through town. It was all an excuse to goof off during school hours, which I was always all for :slight_smile: (I attend all of our office birthday parties, optional classes, etc., for the same reason, now days :slight_smile: )

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Well, I must say- I attended each and every football game at our school from 7th grade-graduation. (Including 6 homecomings). Why? Because I was a gulp band geek! I played flute for all those years and went to more games then I care to remember. I always enjoyed homecoming- I’m from a small town and it was a big deal. Homemade floats, bands, bon-fires, pep rallys. All around fun.
I say, just go. What’s the worst that can happen? You have a shitty time and say “wow, that sucked?”. What else will you be doing?

Anyway, there’s always the chance (remote as it is) that the Homecoming Queen will have something horribly embarassing happen to her. Ya’ never know, so what the heck. Just do it!

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I went to one (1) football game in high school, and left halfway through along with half the bleachers to follow the big gang fight (Vietnamese vs Mexicans) that started. We went though the neighboring streets in a huge hoarde, getting bottles thrown at us and stuff…

I hate sports, and even during the part I was there for, I didn’t watch. I was more interested in escaping the two guys who insisted on tickling me.

I did to go prom though… in a $40 dress that I still have (and love). I went with a guy from another school as “just friends” and we didn’t go eat or anything. We went to my prom then left early to go to his prom. Then we went to some party at a hotel and watched movies. Big whoop, but I am glad I got the dress.

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(oh, I forgot to say… I went to the prom when I was a junior, 16, and the reason I didn’t go with my boyfriend was that he was 29 and would have felt kinda dumb at a prom)

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Never went to homecoming, never went to prom, never went to a football game, hated pep rallies, spent most of my time in the library, got my diploma and never looked back.
– Sylence

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Sylence, I totally agree with you. The only reason l go to football games, is the fact that l am in the band. I often cheer for the other teams. I’m just there to learn, not to dance, or buy a mum I’ll wear once.

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I went to Homecoming once. Not at my school, but at my (ex)boyfriend’s. It was the best night of my life, but that had nothing to do with the actual dance; it was my date. He was my first love, and dancing with him was magical. He’s still the only guy I’ve dated that would actually dance with me.
I really remember that night fondly; it actually ranks higher than Prom (which was fun. I went with Carl, and we left early to go to Rocky!)


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