HS graduates: ever go back for a homecoming?

This is a branch from the “high school reunion” thread.

Every high school has a “homecoming,” usually involving a football game (I don’t know what the schools that don’t play football do), naming a Homecoming Queen (and, in some cases, a King as well), and a dance for the students that night. However, I never hear of anybody actually returning to the school on Homecoming Day, except for the parents of the football players / cheerleaders / homecoming court that also went to the school.

Have any of you ever been to your high school’s homecoming game after you graduated? Personally, I only missed two of the first 20 before I moved away from the area (one where I was still in college and went to that school’s football game instead, and one where I was sick), but I didn’t have much choice as I worked in the press box for the football games.

No, not even one. Not for my university, either.

One maybe? Right after high school. That was a long time ago.

I haven’t stepped foot in the school since graduating.

Yes. I run the alumni band group and for the last 2 years we’ve decided to have our performance at the homecoming game.

I never even went to home coming when I was a student there!

However, I did take great satisfaction that we lost the homecoming football game every one of those four years.

My high school has homecoming and reunions on the same weekend, so the alums can also attend homecoming and so on.

I only went back for my 10th, though now that I think about it, my 30th is coming up next year. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

I’ve been to exactly as many as I attended in high school - zero. After my tenth reunion the school sort of went through a change in how they did things with a reunion lull and then a “reunion weekend” for all classes. IIRC that event is scheduled in conjunction with the weekend of a football game for one of our major rivals and not necessarily the game called homecoming. I can’t say for sure because at that point it started getting ignored. My class actually held it’s own, completely separate from the school, 25th reunion.

My school didn’t have football and doesn’t have homecoming, so “No”.

Same here. Homecoming? Homecoming king and queen? HS football team? Not part of my experience.

We did have a semiformal dance one winter that involved the crowning of…somebody…to do…something. I don’t really remember. I didn’t go.

Got my 50th coming up

The only thing I wanted out of High School or college were the diplomas. No interest in returning for much of anything.

nope. never been back for either a reunion or a homecoming. High School or university or grad school. Just not on the radar and for most of those I live in Asia and lemme tell ya that doing an expensive, long ass flight from Asia to attend a high school reunion really doesn’t even register on the radar as something I’d want to do. Lesso for homecoming.

Nope. Even when I lived within a sane distance of my school, I had zero interest in sports.

Still don’t care.

This is the first I’ve heard of going back for homecoming. I guess it explains the name.

I never knew it was a thing until I moved to a small town and found out everyone did it. It never occurred to me.

I went to the first one, the year after I graduated.

The tenth, lots of MD’s, lawyers, engineers. The twentieth, still with the lead pack, but lots of PhD’s and some already with media exposure. And then on the thirtieth, a couple became judges, one general, several became consuls, CEO’s, one became the 23rd richest man in the country. But I’m the only Doper in the batch.

I don’t think “homecoming” is a Canadian thing. Is it?

Except at Queen’s. Oil thigh!