Homeopathy "clinic" next to new job.

Last week I started a new job and right next door is a homeopathy clinic. I have never seen one before but I live and work in an area with a high church density and I guess it fits right in. I was hoping business for it would be low but the parking lot is rarely empty. So sad.

The parking lot is obviously not homeopathic; it needs more dilution.

Grr, that quackery is the equivalent of snake oil salesmen back in the olden days (yeah, that’s a real time in history, lol). The fact that they can legally make blatantly false claims about the “medicinal” value of their products is craziness.

You have a bunch of obviously clueless, gullible people coming next door. People with money to spend, and dumb enough to convince themself it’s working.

Ca-ching! Big business opportunity.

Yes, because if people believe in God then obviously they believe in anything.

Bit like how if gays are perverted enough to fuck people of the same sex then obviously they’ll molest children too. :rolleyes:

Obligatory Mitchell & Webb sketch: Homeopathic E.R.

Aw damn, you posted it before I could!

“Now he’s poorly from too much electric!”

Plus, they can double as a water bottling plant; all they need to do is switch the labels.

That would rather dilute the impact…

…Which, obviously, would make it thousands of times more effective. Profit! :cool:

I thought I knew what homeopathy was but wikipedia seems really really biased against it and really against all medical alternatives (acupuncture, botanicals).
NTL, if the parking lot is full people must be satisfied with their services. I am not sure what church has to do with it, seems most traditional church goers would stick to regular docs.

There is one co-op in the area I do not go to normally because they pretty much are the area concentration of pseudo-medical woo. You can get homeopathics, that diagnosis where they waft something near you and see if you can clench a fist or whatever muscle movement they are using [depends on the practitioner] to diagnose the allergy, aura reading, they had a kirlian photographer there for a while, the more extreme aromatherapists [no sniffing crap is not going to magically cure my diabetes] and besides, their selection is not anywhere as good as my favorite coop in Willimantic. They have carob crap, Willimantic has mexican chocolate pucks with vanilla, cinnamon or chili added … [my christmas treat!]

[And why did they think carob crap was any different from real chocolate? They are both plant products made sweet with sugar … and real chocolate tastes infinately better!]

Please tell us what you think homeopathy is.

I’m curious too.

Please remain curious. :slight_smile:

I have a homeopathy clinic at my place of business. Polar Water just restocked my supply.

Could you at least tell us what part of the Wiki article you objected to?

Yes, please do. I read the Wiki article on “homeopathy” and it seemed pretty much in line with other reputable sources.

ETA: To the OP, is it possible the clinic also carries health food products and such? When I was living in a small town, I had to rely on a homeopathic clinic to buy certain health food products and eco-friendly shampoos because they were the only place that carried those “alternative products”. So they were always busy, but mostly for their retail stuff.

Feel free to support whatever wiki articles you want.

Oooookay, someone who is being evasive with simple, direct, and questions.

The significance of your future opinions has just undergone a 60x dilution.