Homer McDonald, B.S., M.Ed.- anyone familiar with this guy, or his book?

I’ve done some searching for any mention of this guy on SDMB and didn’t find one, so apologies first if I am opening a new thread on old news.

At any rate, as I watch the death throes of my marriage, helpful friends keep sending me advice and links to sites they think I should visit. One such link was this one:


My first glance at the site made me think “cheesy scam” immediately.

Has anyone checked out his book, or even heard of this guy before?

An M.A. in Psychology and he can’t even use the correct form of “their?”


I agree with Beer Penguin. It smacks of late-night “coerce the tired and gulllible” infomercial-type spiel.

For real help, go to a real relationship or general counsellor.

Sounds pretty scammy to me. The fact that he puts “B.S., M. Ed.” after his name is one of many red flags. Academics don’t usually list their degrees; they list their positions. A B.S. isn’t anything that should impress anyone, and a Masters in Education is hardly relevant to a psychologist.

And $79 for an e-book is a ripoff.

Thanks for your input.

The site really did scream “scam” at me, but I wanted second opinions.

I’d climb a straw if I thought it would help, but I don’t want to grasp at a straw that is stuck in a bowl of scam. (LOL, sorry for the terrible mixed metaphor)

I am seeing a V.A. (Veteran’s Administration) counselor.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder seems to be the culprit.

I have all the major symptoms, with which I will not bore you.

Thanks again,
Stranger OUT

I realize this posting is incredibly old but it is still on the **first page **of google results when searching for this author.

I don’t mean to sound like a shill but I purchased his book the night before my wife came to me to tell me she was officially filing for separation and it has absolutely turned my life around. I still left the house that night to find temporary living arrangements but we were finally able to communicate honestly and I could never imagine being so happy after just ‘splitting’ the day before. I would’ve been suicidal if I’d been looking for temporary living arrangement in my old mindset with the prospect of divorce, alimony, resentment and misery directly in front of me.

When he is charging $80 for an ebook with bad grammar on a cheesy website and still gets an A+ from the BBB I think you have to respect that. Especially considering how damaging clients and customers could be to him and his rating if his writing did not live up to the claims. Miserable people going through a divorce probably have a **lot **of spare time to complain!

Check it out:

BBB Rating for Homer McDonald Counselor M.Ed.
Based on BBB files, Homer McDonald Counselor M.Ed. has a BBB Rating of** A+** on a scale from A+ to F.

Truly incredible and I’d hate to think of anybody reading the ‘sounds scammy’ posts here and not get the help they are seeking.

You do know that no one is likely to find or pay any attention to a five-post thread from **seven years ago **if they are researching divorce proceedings, or whatever this book is about.

I also question the relevance of a Better Business Bureau rating for a psychologist.

The first sign of a scam is that he makes a big deal about what the BBB says about him. The BBB is not a consumer protection agency; it’s an association of businesses. While they do some desultory consumer help, it usually only involves taking note of complaints. The person can have hundreds of complaints with the state licensing board, state and city consumer protection, and be actively under indictment for fraud and the BBB would still give him a good rating if the the complainers didn’t go to them.

stranger… why would you call something a scam w/o chking it urself? and spelling? wt? who cares. i can tell you the information works. i bought it. i talked with him. he is salty. but a genius of human nature no less.

welcome, bmcdragon. The post you replied to was started eight years ago, and the poster hasn’t been on this message board since 2005.

I wonder if you know crocrock, who dropped in 15 months ago to say how much he loved the book, too, then never posted again?

Never heard of this guy, but I read the linked intro, and on the face of it he does have some fairly valid points about the basics of relationship dynamics and there’s chance that if you went into his proposed agreeable kitty mode your SO might think twice about leaving you. The problem is that this does nothing to address whatever fundamental disagreements you may have that caused the issues in the first place. The other reality is that by the time you are this stage of breakup the other person’s contempt level for you is likely to be pretty high, and doing this fairly obvious reverse psychology tap dance may simply be perceived as a mind game by the other person.

This entire approach supposes they are right and you are wrong and you are willing to live with that reality henceforth to save you marriage. If that’s the case $80 is only 20 minutes of attorney time once the meter starts rolling.

In looking at various past net threadsre him and his booklet it’s obvious there’s some fairly powerful shilling going on by message board socks, probably by the author himself or whoever is marketing his booklet these days. This is a bit too scammy so I withdraw my suggestion about gambling $ 80 in the my previous post. It’s really just too much of scam even if the technique worked.

You’d think if he has the time to shill on messageboards, he has the time to get a copy editor to go over his site. “Which these strategies are you trying right now?” Seriously?!

This link off his website seems to contain a big swath of his book. In glancing over it, it’s the same “this is what’s really happening” power speak you get from most how to change your love live/work life/relationship etc books, and by itself there are some vaild insights in his perspective. The “tone” of the material reads like it was written in the 60’s or the 70’s.

I think this is terrible advice:

4. Date others. Make them jealous. Play hard-to-get.

It is available on amazon for $20, with five 5 star reviews.

Ooh, so true! You don’t ever want to follow bad advice. You may end up doing something stupid. Maybe so stupid you end up getting arrested. Then you’d be back here asking how to get your mugshot removed from some website. :rolleyes:

FWIW, reported.

This clearly is the zombie that will not die.

Actually they would if it were a terminal degree like Ph.D, Ed.D, SJD, D.Min, MFA, etc. I’m a little wary of someone using a first-professional degree such as MD, JD, DPharm, DO, DC, etc. if they try to pass it off as a PhD-equivalent doctorate. I would buy a book on common drug interactions by an author with a DPharm but not one on drug research/development theories.

That being said, anyone using a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree as postnomials reeks of self-agrandisment.

I once read a book read a book called Crash Go the Chariots, written by a chap named Clifford Wilson MA BA PhD (although this cover doesn’t show the post-nominals, as mine does). It was a book that poked holes in the von Daniken series. Anyway, in looking him up for this post, I see the the chap died just two months ago at age 90. Yeah, I know, not relevant to the OP, but the OP has left the building.

Zombie raised by a spammer. Closed.

Any non-spammer who wishes to further discuss this book is free to start a new thread in IMHO.

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