Homer's Amazing Disappearing Hammock

Watching this year’s Simpson’s Halloween Special, I noticed that Homer’s Hammock is suspended between two trees near the fence which borders the Flanders’ place.

Working from right to left, you can see the garage, the mailbox, the chimney, and the trees supporting the hammock.

Later, during a night scene, there’s the garage. There’s the mailbox. There’s the chimney. There’s the…wait a dadburned minute here.

Not only is the hammock missing, but the trees are gone too!

Now, not one to be content with the Lucy Lawless explanation of “whenever you see something like that, a Wizard did it,” I’d like to know what really happened to Homer’s hammock.

At first, I assumed that Homer had simply cut the trees down. Then I thought DOH–not possible because that would reduce his lounge- around- without- a- shirt- crunching- beer- cans- between- his- fat- rolls- options. If he got rid of the hammock, he’d be stuck with only the couch for such activities.

One wit matters suggested that, since he was not present in the rest of the show, Barney had eaten the trees. I cannot hold with that either, as doing so would take up crucial space which could be better filled with beer.

My source at MIT (Molly’s Indoor Tavern) has proposed one interesting explanation: After Homer ate the broccoli, Ned Flanders took Marge up on her earlier offer of “if there’s anything I can do to help you get over your wife’s death…”

Later that night, the trees exploded into flame a la “Pleasantville”.

Other than this one far-fetched idea, I’m at a loss here, so I turn to my fellow Dopers–what happened to Homer’s hammock?


maybe he stores the hammock and trees in the mystery machine’s cargo area/crime lab/weird computer room/camper? just a hunch.