Name this Simpsons episode!

I saw a Simpsons once years ago that had Homer making fun of Flanders over their fence. Homer was eating either a hot dog or a hamburger and he was laughing like a maniac at Flanders when all of a sudden he started choking. I spit out my drink when I saw this and it’s been with me for a long, long time. However…I have never seen it since. I purchased Seasons One and Two on DVD hoping that it would be on there…so far, no luck.

Does anybody know what episode this was one?


‘When Flanders Failed’

Homer is particularly nasty to Flanders in this one. Homer was eating…yeah a hamburger or something, and in his mind was picturing how Ned’s Leftorium would leave Ned in ruin.

Homer chokes, and Ned is ready to help out…though I think it doesn’t go that far.

It’s a third season episode so it’ll be in the next release.