Homesick For NYC? Here's A Site For Sore Goys

Try this place. Things people have overheard in NY.

I’ve been reading that for a few weeks now. I love it! My favorites are usually subway announcements like “Sir, do not take a dump on the platform. Sir! Sir! Please do NOT take a dump on the platform!”

If they don’t want us to take dumps on the platforms, they should put toilets on the trains.

Good one. I also enjoy Overheard in Dublin. Much the same sort of stuff, except everybody’s stewed to the eyeballs.

Overheard in NY has a younger sister site, Overheard in the Office. “It’s now official: you have to be retarded to work in our accounting department.” “If you bring that BlackBerry to another meeting, I am going to shove it up your ass.” Not limited to a specific city. Check it out.

Bwah! :smiley:

Who wants to start one for another city? Chicago, Paris, Toronto, Amsterdam…?

(Amsterdam in particular would be very amusing…)

I heart this site, check it every day. I particularly liked this gem from today:

Girl: See, I’m allergic to Vicodin. I took some before I let my boyfriend do me in the ass, and ended up just getting done in the ass and having a stomachache.


Here you go Kythereia, Overheard in Toronto livejournal. And if you want to snark on other schools, there’s the deliciously ditzy Overheard at Western.