Homeworld game promo clip: ID the music

I have what I think is a promotional clip for the (by now) elderly computer game “Homeworld”. I have never played it, so I don’t know if its a cinematic piece appearing in the game. What interests me about it is the beautiful choral music accompanying the scenes from the game. Does anyone know what it’s called and who performs it? A friend told me that it belongs to the game, and was written for it. Say it ain’t so - I want it!

If it’s the promo I remember, it’s Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

Armilla is right. For god alone knows what reason they commisioned YES to write a song for the Game, but the choral music is Samuel Barber. It was also used as the main theme for the filmplatoon

Thanks guys. I will give that a listen. However - and isn’t the Net amazing - after I posted the original message I actually found a site which has the original music composed for the game by Paul Ruskay - http://homeworld.free.fr/soundtrack/. The “main theme” is the one I know.

FYI: the site’s instructions re the conversion of the txt files to music is in French. Babel Fish helped:

“To recover the musics of homeworld: It is necessary to use Homesong, a exe Dos which decompress the file in the Homeworld repertory (yen attention has a package and that takes place).
You can read the files aif and to convert them in winampV2 (V3 does not go) thanks to a plugin developed by relic (In_Aif.zip with décompresser in the repertoire plugin of Winamp) small a bug in the plugin obliges to decontaminate formats AIFF in the plugin Nullsoftwavefom: Right Click on the yellow bar of Winamp options/preferences plugin/input Nullsoftwaveform decoder Then it is enough to convert the files into MP3 using others plusgin of Winamp.”

I love this game. I bought the “gold” version just to get the free music CD in the box :smiley:

The Homeworld version is way up tempo from any other recording of the Barber piece I’ve heard (not that I’ve heard very many). I actually prefer the Homeworld tempo…

The instrumental version, which IIRC was played for FDR’s funeral, can also be heard in Amelie. Somebody I was watching it with said “Isn’t that the Homeworld song?”

I like the YES song, but IMHO it just feels out of place in the game (where they’re rolling credits).

The Homeworld song, according to my research, might also be an actual Latin song sang at Catholic Mass. The name is Angus Dei or something like that.

OR maybe there is another song with the same name. I tried looking up the page but I couldn’t found it.