Homosexual and Transgender?

Has there been any case where people had a sex change operation and then pursued relationships with those of the same sex?

Yes, frequently.

My friend has.

Yes, many. My source is from being in the gay/bi/trans community for 25 years. Like, in NY and SF.


Happens all the time.

Actually, I know this one couple who wanted to spend their lives together, but one went through a sex change and became a gay man, and the other went through a sex change and became a lesbian woman. They went their separate ways for that reason and only that reason.

Chaz Bono?

I think s/he means switched attractions. For example, a gay man becomes a woman and then is attracted to women.

It’s not the most common outcome, that’s for sure, but it does happen regularly.

“Who you are” and “who you’re attracted to” are two completely different subjects.

A lesbian is no less of a woman because she’s gay–why would she want to live in a male body if she is a woman?

I know a guy who is dating a man who used to be a woman, a woman who used to be a man, and a woman who has always been a woman. And he’s married to a woman.

Don’t you watch any porn?

Yes, about as frequently as people who haven’t had gender reassignment / don’t identify as trans. Why did you think it would be otherwise?

Sure. I know someone who is a M-to-F transsexual. He dated women. She dates men. But it’s kind of like anyone who comes out of the closet.

Actually, my understanding is that male-to-female transexuals identify as lesbians at a significantly higher rate than cisgendered women.

Is there something you want to tell us, Qin?

My boyfriend used to be a lesbian.

That’s been my experience. Or, at least not straight. I’m friendly with 4 transwomen. 1 straight, 1 lesbian, 1 bi with female preference…1, I’m not sure on, but either lesbian or BWFP (I’ve only ever heard her talking about dating women, but she’s never mentioned how she actually identifies).

(The three who dated before transitioning all dated women, the definite lesbian is the one who didn’t.)

(I have a hugely disproportionate number of queer friends, in general, actually. Probably 90% of my friends are gay/bi/pansexual, gender-variant, or both. May self-select a bit, due to being non-straight and gender-variant myself.)

It’s highly common nowadays.
I’m a gay trans man and 15 years ago I knew only two or three other gay/bi trans men in my country (France). Now I’ve heard of dozens and dozens and dozens of gay ones and I can’t count the number of bi trans men.

Yes. There’s nothing as queer as folk!

Of my several transgendered friends, a few are attracted to members of their birth identified gender, as am I, that is, I knew I was attracted to women before I knew I was transgender. Some are attracted to men, yet were born male identified. A couple of transmen I know are attracted to women.

So if person A is born a male and then has gender reassignment surgery to female and is sexually attracted to females. Most people would say that A (post surgery) is a lesbian. Did that make A heterosexual before the surgery or just a lesbian-trapped-in-man’s body?

Bob is dating Paul (who used to be Paula), Jackie (who used to be John), Cindy who has always been Cindy and is married to Sue?

Bob doesn’t sound like he has a lot of free time.