homosexual behaviour, the damage?

In Gay Teens, A Debate, UnoMundo, on page 10, made this comment:

…but I’m trying to say that some people oppose making homosexual behaviour acceptable because they honestly believe it is damaging to society.

Rather than keep that old thread going, I opened this new one.

I’d really like to know, what EXACTLY is this damage that homosexual behaviour does to society?

Is it physical or economic? Or is it something subtle or intangible like a moral or spiritual damage. No one’s ever explained why homosexual behaviour is wrong, except to say “because God said so” (which ever god you’d like to believe) or exactly what it does to be so wrong.

And please, folks, let’s not make this a “pile on the Fundamentalists” thread. I’m seriously interested in an answer.

Well, not entirely true. There are plenty of people that are not Christians and yet still very anti-gay. They will tell you that it is “unnatural” and disgusting. I knew someone, an athiest, who wouldn’t so much as wach movie that had a gay actor or character.

The source of his hatred? He was once propositioned by a gay person in high school.

It’s economic. All those damn DINKS cruising around with huge disposable incomes gives us the shits.


You’re kidding.

You’ve never heard anyone place the blame for the spread of HIV squarely at the feet of homosexual behavior?

The other. more classic, criticism is that it’s destructive to married life. I always sort of chuckled at that one, as it seemed to imply that otherwise faithful and straight husbands and wives are lured by the pernicious gays into these vile acts - which, absent the gays, would never happen.

But there are two oft-heard criticisms.

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I’ve heard some fundamentalists argue that God will smite nations for their collective behaviour, so maybe when the national gayness and other nasty sins meter slides up past, oh I dunno, 20%, he’ll send along some folks (who incidentally belong to a completely different belief system) to fly planes into buildings. 19% gay he’ll probably just ignore, but 20% really gets him mad.

Me thinks people who say that kinda thing, have only experienced gay culture from Gay Pride Parades.

Ya know. Them shinndigs can be quite the sight to behold for some.

Forgive them, for they know…not much.

It’s because that whole anal sex thing is – you know – icky. Too much ickiness damages the moral fabric of society. Plus, it makes baby Jesus cry.

But why would ‘Baby Jesus’ or anybody else care for that matter whether somebody else got their rocks off via vaginal or anal penetration? Um, like, what’s the diff’rence from a human perspective? Some like it, some don’t…so…what’s new then?

It’s all about putting one’s self in someone elses shoes. If you can’t picture yourself doing it, it can’t possibly be good. Well, I can’t for a second picture myself as say, a heavy equipment operator, but I’m all for it, nonetheless!:smiley:

The argument I’ve often come across is that if society grants the same level of acceptance to gay relationships/unions, it somehow devalues str8 relationships/unions…at least that’s how it was explained to me by a homophobic relative. Personally, I don’t see how my shacking up with my boyfriend is any different from a male/female couple shacking up, but that’s how some folk view it.

I’ve heard of stuff like this. It makes me sad to think that someone being hit on got so angry as to hate an entire group of people.

Personally I’d take it as a compliment. I never understood what the big deal was with homosexuals. I hate the excuse “well if they don’t tell me then it’s fine”, that’s plain BS in my opinion. How does it effect you what the homosexual does in his/her free time?

:confused: I don’t know, I don’t get it. Everytime I heard how homosexual behavior is somehow “damaging” I can’t help but think, great, another reason to propagate hatred.

I’m not a homosexual, but I’ll be damned if someone else can’t do what they please.

Having listened to many fundies, my understanding is
if homosexuality becoems “accepted” and “okay” then (it being a sin) ALL other sins will soon be “okay” and the world will go to hell in a Handbasket.

I suppose this goes back to the homosexuality is a sin debate. The problem I have is the acceptance of homosexuality being a sin is a little unfair-I mean, think of the shell fish.:smiley:

I’ve heard both and, IMHO, neither holds water. The HIV / AIDS argument is such a recent one. It has become another excuse to persecute gays. Since HIV / AIDS is spread primarily through heterosexual contact in Africa, wonder what those folks would say about that?

And I seriously doubt that the behaviors or choices of homosexuals will have anything to do with the stability of my married life. As a matter of fact, many members of our church as gay and are celebrating our upcoming marriage right alongside the straight members of the congregation. We are very blessed to have the range of friends we do… we have the entire rainbow (not really a pun, but take that how you wish).

Frankly, what I see as much more destructive is the pressure some families put on their gay children to behave as if they are straight, to the point of marrying someone of the opposite sex and having children… mostly to please the parents who then don’t have to explain their grown child’s homosexuality. While the gay parent may love and cherish his/her children, this pressure and this decision ends up being destructive to lots of people. And who gets blamed? The gay spouse/parent. I’m hoping a day will come when people can just be who they are and be accepted.

It stops people from making babies. Seriously. While that may not be entirely true with lesbians, I have heard white supremacists argue that their “people” aren’t having enough kids, leaving the door to American domination open to inorities, and that homosexuality and abortion are to blame. I saw one specific leader speak on a Canadian news program,a lthough it shouldn’t be too hard to find documentation if you feel like wading through some racist sites.

Being raped in prison might give a heterosexual man some bias against homosexuals. Then there are the ones who insist that boys in the seventh grade need to know how to give a blowjob and get fucked in the ass; otherwise they will grow up to kill homosexuals.

I’d like to withdraw my suggestion that Stitch was speaking ironically and didn’t deserve to be warned in another thread, and demand that he cite evidence for anyone having suggested what he alleges in his second sentence here. :mad:

That is the same sort of zero-sum argument made by people who say that if I get richer I somehow take wealth from someone else. But to clarify, what they are saying is that there is a limited amount of value in the universe, and raising the value of one thing devalues something else…
P.S. I do understand that it is not you making that claim btw

Of course, these are not arguments against homosexuality. However, they could be used as arguments against brutish behavior. It’s that type of reasoning, though, that probably promotes anti-gay sentiment, which connects to the OP’s question.

Oh I don’t know Poly, my guess is Stitch won’t be around for long.