Honda Engine Sizes

I need to know my CR-V’s engine size (to order some parts, not to replace the engine). I found this website, but it is confusing. At the top, it says there are two engine sizes for the 2005 model. Just below that, it shows (what looks like) one engine size “2.4L L4 Gas”…am I missing something??? Last, as one scrolls down the page, it appears various engines are for sale with additional letters next to the engine size, like “RIV, UTR, KSS, RG”…are these some code of remarks unique to this vendor, or additional info relevant to the OEM’s engine sizes or possibly OEM’s engine options?


If you have a better website to suggest to reserach engine sizes, feel free to post! All replies are much appreciated!

Put your VIN in here and it will tell you:

There is one engine size for your car - 2.4 liters.

They are made in two different factories (one in Japan and one in England). There may be slight differences between the two, or not, but country of origin is identified in the VIN. Those codes (KSS, RG, etc) probably refer to various options and accessories on that particular engine. Sorry, not much help.

Looks like they are all the same engine size (2.4 Liters), the difference between them is the engine configuration depending if it was an England built engine or a Japanese built engine.