Honey on toast?

(Hello, thought I’d pop in this weekend…)

Today I put some break in the toaster and went looking for butter, only to find that there wasn’t much. It was too much of a nuisance to scrape cold butter over the toast, but I wanted something to give it more flavor. My eyes fell on the honey. I decided to try it and compare, so I spread some butter on one piece, and put a think layer of honey on the other. The honeyed toast was pretty good - different but equal to butter, I’d say. I then started in on the buttered toast. About halfway through, I had a thought - what if I combined the two? I got the honey open again, a spread a layer on my toast over the butter. That accomplished, I took my first sample of my brainchild.

Oh. My. God. Pure bliss. That was probably the best piece of toast I’ve had in ages. Simple delicious. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d do it again… mmmm…

Even better than honey & butter on bread is honey-butter on bread. Easy to make (toss a stick of butter in a foodprocesser or mixer, add some honey and whump the bejezus out of it: It spreads easily, it’s not as sticky as pure honey and pure butter, and it’s just yummy beond words. (And it’ll keep in a sealed tupperwear container for weeks or even months)

Now I’m hungry, dammit.


If you have not done so already, try various jams on toast, or even peanut butter on toast.

Yum! I love honey butter on toast!

and on warm homemade bread.

Honey and Butter go together really well, don’t they? Of course, an ice cold glass of milk goes well with, too. Avoid like the plague margarine and other synthetic abominations.

Roman Meal bread makes excellent toast and peanut butter sandwiches, btw.

::Sings the Carly Simon song::

Oh , Sorry I thought this thread was about me.

I’m not vain.

My eight-year-old son eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toast for breakfast nearly every morning.

In fact, he’ll often tell us, “I’ll just have my usual this morning.”

Hey, protein, carbs and simple sugars. Not a bad way to start the morning.

butter/honey ration, fenris? And uh, wouldn’t that make a helluva mess in the mixer?

You’d think so, but if the butter’s cold (and the blade and bowl of the mixer cold too) it all works out. Start out by “blending” the butter alone, and once it starts getting “creamed”, start adding the honey.

As for the ratio, I dunno. At least a couplea tablespoons of honey to 1 stick of butter. (I just taste and when it tastes “right”, I stop adding honey.)



Scampers towards the general region of the kitchen gleefully

Silence, broken by scattered clattering of utensils


Cougarfang scampers back in, looking slightly shell-shocked

Uhm lick I lick see lick lick why there’s a lick slurp lick lid to the sluuuuurp blender… Saaay, slurp lick this stuff tastes lick pretty darn good slurp plain…

Settles down in a corner, sucking paw Mmmmm… where’s the toast?


Fenris, when I was a kid, about a million years ago, my father introduced me to the butter / honey thing. My mother made the best biscuits in the world and they were the bread of choice for the mixture. I still do it from time to time, but my biscuits don’t compare to Mom’s.

Grelby - did I read your post right? You have never put butter and honey together on toast??? What do you normally put on your toast?

" Is there honey still for tea?" Rupert Brooke
"Butter and Honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good " The Bible
“Eating Bread and Honey” Nursery Rhyme
As you see a long tradition of bread , honey and butter

Over in these islands in the North Atlantic, that’s what we (most of us anyway) always do. Butter first, then jam, marmalade, honey, marmite, nutella, chocolate spread, etc. Most sandwiches too are made with butter. It’s particularly popular in Ireland - the only place where I’ve seen people spread butter on bread thickly, then add mayonnaise, cheese, ham, etc. :frowning:

No, this for some reason had never occured to me before. I was just bored and trying to make something tasty. I was very pleased with the result.

Thanks Fenris, I’ll have to remember that, and try and convince the family to let me dirty up the ol’ blender, hehehe… :slight_smile:

A Toast to toast, the following haiku from Dr Toast

A Genesis of Breakfast
Immaculate Toast

Yuk I hate honey and butter together. I like my toast very well toasted, almost burnt to a crisp in fact, and my honey a medium thickness and unpolluted by any other spread or condiment.

LouisB has the right idea. Butter and honey on biscuts warm from the oven. mmmm biscuts…

Oh and jjimm when I was in Sweden, they made sandwiches that way too.