Tell me about your spread (on bread, that is)

What do you put on your toast? Like many people, I started with peanut butter. After a while I switched to almond butter, which I found a little tastier. Lately, though, I’ve been eating pesto on toast, which my wife thinks is strange and unusual. Would anyone else like to share their favorite spreads?

I like HP sauce on toast, not sure if that brand is common in the states. Honey is good too.

There are really only a few things in total that I have on toast:

Mashed banana
Mashed tuna and chili sauce


Baked beans

On toast?

Well, some of my favourites are PB and honey, just honey (of a variety of types… I like to try different ones… lately I found some at the farmer’s market that are mixed with different things so I have a small container of saskatoon flavoured honey in the cupboard), Grandma’s jelly, raspberry jam… and sometimes I put cream cheese on it or stick thin slices of cheese between two (if you do it when the toast is warm it melts just a little).

As a kid I’d sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on buttered toast. Not anymore though, I don’t eat sweets as much as I did.

Oh, not really spread but I also like to put my scrambled eggs on top of the slice of toast and eat it that way or make bacon sandwiches.

Pesto is good.
I like the mixture for stuffed mushrooms. Ricotta, spinach, musrooms and garlic.

I like Dijon mustard, sardines, and hot pepper rings.

Slow-scrambled eggs on toast is divine, but so bad for you that I only do it a few times a year.

I generally put Brummel & Brown spread or Laughing Cow cheese on toast if I’m trying to eat right, or a nice artisan butter on there if I’m not.

Real Butter. And maybe some jelly

Mrs. Plant has some chocolate peanut butter, but it makes me feel as though I were twelve.

Either real butter, or peanut butter. Smooth. I hate that chunky stuff.

Marmalade for me. If I have the time, which I don’t always, breakfast is invariably toast and marmalade, and coffee.

Strawberry and Rhubard Jam from Harry & David’s.

Margarine or cream cheese.

PB! A store in my town recently started selling it, too, possibly just for me. I no longer need to go to the next town over just to get my PB. Yay!

I also like lyutenitsa, a Bulgarian spread made of tomatoes and spicy peppers. Sprinkle a bit of cirene (like feta, but sharper) on top…delicious. My host mom makes the BEST homemade lyutenitsa, too, so much better than the store bought stuff. I’m visiting her this weekend, too. She always gives me homemade canned goodies when I go to visit, if I’m lucky I’ll coming home with some delicious homemade lyutenitsa.

How the heck is scrambled eggs on toast bad for you? Unless you’re putting a ton of butter into it it’s a lot healthier than the crap that many people eat for breakfast! I have scrambled eggs maybe every other weekend.

For general toast purposes, it has to be butter and Marmite. I could actually live on hot Marmitey buttered toast and steaming mugs of Yorkshire Tea for days at a time. In fact I have done when I’ve been feeling poorly and/or lazy.

Diabetic and trying to watch my weight, so:

Promise spread - no fat, 5 calories a serving.

Smucker’s sugar free preserves - 5 g. carbs, 10 calories a serving

Really not all that bad, and I keep telling myself I’ll live longer.

Toast the bread till nice and dark,

spread with butter,

cover with shredded (small shred) hard cheese (any flavour will do),

sprinkle liberally with sesame seeds.

I first had it in Java where your breakfast is usually included with your room.
I immediately became hopelessly addicted to it.
It is extremely yum.

Great, now I’m hungry.

Slow scrambled eggs starts out with a shit-ton of butter, and then you keep adding cubes of cold butter as it cooks. It ends up being the consistency of a ruined hollandaise and is absolutely divine, but I really can’t handle the two tablespoons of butter in one meal very often.



Also, peanut butter, jam, pesto, cheese, cottage cheese, eggplant pickle, sweet & spicy lime pickle, chutney of any type, butter, eggs… Hmmm. There’s not a whole lot I won’t put on toast.