Hooray! I got a new mattress - OMG, this thing's ginormous

So, I was in the market for a new mattress. My old one was so uncomfortable I woke up in the morning completely crippled. So, today I’d had enough, and headed out to the thrift stores intending to get a new mattress.

Those things were gross. Luckily, at the last store I went to, they sold refurbished mattresses- used, but disinfected and cleaned up. I got a full set for $150, which is a quarter of the cost of a new mattress.

I wasn’t intending to get a boxspring too, because I have a platform bed and it’s not necessary. But they came as a set, so I took it.

Well. I just set it up, and lordy is it high. I’m 5’8, and I have to climb into it. It’s the same height as my dresser now, which used to be about 2 feet taller than my bed.

The upside is it’s comfortable, but it’s about a foot taller than my nightstand, and when I hang my feet over the side they dangle with about a foot between them and the floor. So, in short, it looks ridiculous.

Now I just have to figure out what I should get rid of- the boxspring, or the bedframe. My neighbor just got rid of his bed, the frame is sitting out in the alley. Hmmm…

Hey, Dopers, grab your jammies and popcorn – sleepover at RedRosesForMe’s tonight!

So how was the first night on the new bed?

Am I the only person that keeps misreading the title as “Hooray! I got a new mistress-” ?

First night on the new bed was very nice. Unfortunately, I am sick, so that makes it less fun. But lots of time spent in the new bed, and no back pain! Well, except for the body aches that come with the sickness.

I had to get rid of the box spring- I literally had to throw one leg up and hoist myself into bed. But hell, $150 for a mattress that looks and feels brand new? Hells yeah! I haven’t had a nice mattress in 15 years.

Sorry to disappoint you, Way Too Happy. A “Hooray! I got a new mistress - OMG, this thing’s ginormous” thread would be a lot more interesting, I’m sure. :wink: