I bought a new bed!

…on the weekend, with my work bonus. My friends and I took the mattress home immediately, and installed it on the old hand-me-down bed. The new mattress is far superior to the old wreck I was sleeping on.

But next Saturday, the store will deliver the new bed, which has drawers underneath to put the lesser-used clothes that I don’t have a decent place for. I’m going to set the mattress aside, dismantle the old bed, and rearrange the room for the new one, cleaning as I go.

Spring cleaning! Yay!

[sub]Now I gotta find someone to share it with, er, I mean, ‘come over and see my drawings’… :slight_smile: [/sub]

Cool! New beds are great, especially ones with drawers in the frames. I have new pillows, does that count? They’re so thick that I can only sleep on one. Both stacked up is much too high.

New pillows… mmmm… :slight_smile:

Along with new sheets and cover, that’ll be the next step, next payday.

I have to… go to sleep now.

And I like your location, Harimad-sol!

It’s a cozy place indeed.

Now if you get a brand new down comforter (or if you have one, one that’s freshly washed and dried), you’d be stylin. :cool:

That’s awesome!

I got a new bed two years ago (well, not really new, it was a guest bed in my grandparents’ house; when they moved they didn’t need it so I got it). New beds are great. But, I’ve moved twice since I got it (it’s a Queen-ish size), and can I just say that mattresses are the worst piece of furniture to move. When I moved the first time the box spring didn’t fit up the front stairs, so I had to angle it out the back fire escape and lower it by rope down three stories to the ground. The mattress itself was a little more squishy and could clear the ceilings in the stairway, but is soooooooo heavy. Here’s to hoping you don’t have to move too much. :slight_smile:

You DID remember to call it a “dog kennel,” didn’t you? No?


::drags out teachest::

Right! Everybody in.