Horrible Histories (CBBC show)

The books have been about for years I remeber liking them when I was at school, however the BBC have made a live action version. It is on to series three here in the UK not sure about its availability in America. Suffice to say it is bloody funny. My daughter recently discovered it, and now likes it more than Phineas and Ferb. I’ll go as far as to say even the songs are better… The BBC were quite brave as they hired scetch show comedians with experience of Adult comedy so the show doesn’t talk down to children, its just generally funny.
Some of the songs are on Youtube…

Spartan School - is camp and a funny take on Glee
The King of Bling - A rap about the restoration of the Monarchy.

Surprisingly it works.

It’s one of the best comedies on TV ever. This year it was a shock winner at the British Comedy Awards; it won Best Sketch Show and about thirty people got on stage to collect the award. :smiley:

This Halloween, my daughter is going to dress as Stupid Death.

I find that I’m watching it even when my daughter is out. In my opinion it should be prime time Saturday evening TV. I believe they are making a kinda X-Factor skit that will be on BBC1 soon… Yay.

P.s respect to your daughter going as stupid DEATH (I prefer Discworld DEATH)


Runs away…

Stupid Death’s a better costume though.

I like the SHOUTY MAN.

Not only is it possibly the best childrens TV ever, it ranks up there with the best TV to come out of this country. I love it, it has me in stitches time after time.