Hosting A Site With Gruesome Manson Murder Pictures. How Commonplace? How Legal?

I was trying to find a cite via Google about Leslie Van Houten (of the infamous Manson family) and how she’d been charged with 1st degree murder even though she stabbed just one victim (and inflicted only post-mortem wounds). I found a rather shocking sight (which obviously I won’t link here). According to the website’s owner

I’m not anti free speech – but I’m not entirely (100%) certain the images the site’s owner provides falls under that realm. The only moral judgment I’m going to make is this: The last sentence of the above quote should read: “…The public will pay to have their morbid curiosity sated by following any of this site’s sponsors (like Amazon and buy a celebrity’

[li]Posting (obviously) leaked (30+ year old) murder scene photos from court/police files is legal?[/li]
[li]Graphic, uncensored images of the Manson Family’s victims have been on the net for 6 years?[/li]
[li]I seriously doubt the site’s owner has the legal permission to play original Beatles and Mamas & Papas background music. If I were to report that fact to his site’s host, would they even bother looking into it? [/li]
Has anyone heard an outcry from the pubic, victim’s rights groups or the 2 sisters (mentioned above) to get the host (Adelphia) to cease hosting the site?[/ul]

It’s getting more and more common. There are a lot of them. It’s pretty gruesome and morbid. I only know because some people for some reason have to say “Hey look at this” and like an idiot, I look.

I saw the photos at the short-lived sorry! Los Angeles Museum of Death. Eek! (Tho I have to say they were NOT the worst murder photos, the worst were a naked couple posing with the woman’s hubby’s decapitated head- the story being they were having an affair, killed the husband, took naked photos of themself with the head- AND THEN TOOK THE ROLE OF FILM TO A LOCAL STORE TO BE DEVELOPED!!! :smack: :wally )

Anyway, IIRC, the Manson murder photos were from Nick Tosches’ collection.

Reader’s Digest ran an article on this phenomenon - termed “violence porn” - in the August issue. The article quotes Lawrence Walters, an attorney who has defended these sites, as saying, “Privacy rights have to take a second place to First Amendment free-speech rights. The deceased, quite frankly, don’t have a continued privacy right. We like to know what other people do–good, bad or ugly.”

One site’s response to a family’s request to remove photos of a loved one who committed suicide? “We ask that, in the future, this family conduct their suicides in a less public manner.”

The article concludes

Ditto SteveG1. Guilty as Charged. During lunch, the clowns I work often visit the steak and cheese site. It’s kinda like driving past a car wreck, with my morbid curiosity almost always winning out over my better judgement.

The public’s fascination with death can be cause for concern. The site I mentioned in the OP had links to other death sites. It’s the fixation some have that makes me a little queezy.

It sounds interesting. I’m gonna stop by the library on the way home and give it a read. I’m hoping there are some non-governmental / self-regulating proposals discussed that may help to bring the ‘slime level’ down to waist high.

I saw those! Proof positive that the humiliation and debasement doesn’t stop when you are dead. Almost makes you hope you die somehow that your corpse is never recovered! :eek:

Yeah, I saw those pics on the ‘Gallery Of The Grotesque’, an early “violence porn” site that’s long gone. That was some FUCKED UP shit, taking pics of themselves dismembering a body and making funny poses with the parts. And not using a goddamn Polaroid camera!!! “Stupid” is not the word.

One book company – can’t remember the name, but it might be similar to “Charnal House” – published a scrapbook of crime scenes kept by an LA police detective. I paged through it at a Barnes & Noble, and quickly put it back on the shelf. I’ve read true-crime books and have a small collection, but this stuff made me want to hurl. It’s far worse than the unedited Manson crime scenes.

As for the site, I’m sure that an e-mail to the RIAA about the unauthorized use of licensed musical artists would be of great interest to them. I’m not het up on the law to know if it’s illegal (if they were offering it in a way that would allow you to capture the stream, I’m sure it’s illegal), but I would assume some rights are being violated here.

As for the pictures, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the unedited version in other books about the Mansion family.