The most evil picture on the internet?

This picture should not exist. It is also available on another site in an undigitalised format. I can’t believe it is the fantasy of a Photoshop expert - it looks too real. Nobody could forget it. I am on the verge of throwing away my computer because of this. Is there a reason not to? If you have a strong stomach the link is:

From Eutychus55 : URL removed because we don’t need that sort of crap. If you have an issue to discuss, do it without the visuals please.

That is possibly the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen, real or not. Any chance of closing the OP? Please? Or at least deleting the link?

Sorry - the word I want is not “undigitalised”. The picture has been blurred in places. I forget the term right now. Sorry to the person above also.


This is a graphic picture of woman being attacked and/or murdered. There is a significant amount of blood present in the picture. It is not worth seeing. It is not akin to the child-snake picture. It is the recreation of or the documentation of a violent crime. I would second mattk’s suggestion that the link be removed, but leave it to the mods to decide.

I clicked on the link out of curiosity, but shut the window down after it got halfway through loading. G. Nome DO NOT post links to pictures like that without including a bare description. What’s the question here? Should you or should you not throw away your computer? Maybe you should think about what forum to post to first, then throw away your computer. This is GQ, not MDSIMS (Mundane Disgusting Shit I Must Share). Maybe you could have asked if this was real. Maybe you could have gone to GD and asked about the ethics of posting such a pic, or if the mods should / should not delete the link. Anyone else have a suggestion?

I plan on having a stiff drink before I go to sleep tonight, that’s for sure.

Mundane disgusting stuff I must share? That’s not right. This is surely worthy of a comment from Amnesty International (or appropriate organisations) if nothing else. Don’t you care about what happened to this woman?

(1) You don’t know if it’s real - you said so yourself.
(2) If it is, you don’t know where/when/how/why. What the hell would Amnesty International do?
(3) Rhythmdvl is right: don’t post stuff like that without a warning proportional to it. Better still, don’t post it at all. Post about it by all means, and then if anyone really wants to see it you can email them the link. What was your point? Was it about the ethics of such a picture being available on the Web? Please explain.

Sorry. Didn’t mean for this to turn into a BBQ Pit rant.

Rhythmdvl - Thank you for the warning.
I was sitting here wondering if I dared to click on the link. I most definatly will not now.

G. Nome - There are many evil things on the internet. However, by posting thier link and increasing their traffic you are encouraging them. I am not sure why you would want to do that.

My point I think, has turned out to be: The Internet is supposed to be a big global interconnected community. But people still let this kind of thing go on. There are still babies in Romania orphanages, and abuses all over the world. Aqua has taken over Fiji they have hostages - no one cares.

‘Nome –

I really don’t want to come off as a magnanimous prick (can I say ‘prick’ in GQ?) but I think you don’t quite understand the purpose of the different forums here. GQ is typically the home of answerable fact-based questions. Great Debates takes on a lot of the vague, philosophical questions. MPSIMS and IMHO are chatty – what-do-you-think-of-this type forums. The BBQ pit is a good place to express outrage.

If you don’t have a specific question about this pic, then it does not belong in GQ. If you wanted to ask about human rights group’s involvement in such images, then GD is the place, but not necessarily with the link. If you want to decry such things availability, then head to the BBQ pit. And Mattk is right, with some things, you should not post the link at all but make it available if there is a need / request for it.

Again, if you want to know something specific – is this real, who are these people, where did this picture come from – then ask away, someone out there might be able to answer. My apologies if that was your original intent. I beg you to take my suggestion seriously that you not post links like it in the future without a dry, bare description of what the picture is. Just saying ‘don’t look’ is like putting the library book on the top shelf.

Now that I’ve deleted everything in the
office computer that might have someone
else link to this…

How did you even find this crap G.Nome.
The link is sinister sex? SEX? Is it
considered a turn-on? Maybe someone could
post the atopsy photos from Nichole
Simpson or JenBenet Ramsey.

Everything has a limit.

You all seem worldly intelligent people and I can’t believe you haven’t seen this kind of thing before. When I look into the faces of 10 year old children who have had access to unchaperoned computers I know they may have as well. My intention with this post was to ask for more information, that’s true. I would prefer to see this than not see it and then do something about it. Evil exists to be overcome.

What are you doing about it, then?

I hope this isn’t pit talk. I am still a newbie and don’t know all the finer points yet.

G.Nome. - It doesn’t sound to me like you have a point at all. If you were concern about children seeing things like this you would not post the link for them. Anyone who lets a 10 year old on the Internet without supervision is an idiot.

Evil exists because it exists. When you feed it you make it worse. Kind of like trolls. Posting the link feeds the evil. Decent people usually avoid things like that.

Please mods, I really don’t think this belongs here.

I can’t do anything without help. Is it true the servers for these kind of websites are in African and East European countries - out of reach of any western laws?

Don’t play dumb with us, Nome. You play particularly naive for someone who managed to search this picture up (on two separate sites you say). Then you post it here. Fight against evil my ass.

It fits a certain pornographic parameter - “violent and degrading” - and should be censored. I think the link should be deleted by the moderators. I think possession of this picture may be illegal in Canada. I’ve seen some nasty links posted on the SDMB but the sexual content of this gory picture makes it particularly offensive. There’s an almost infinite variety of stuff on the global internet and some of the nasty by-products are the price we pay for the uncensored freedom. Thanks to you, this crap just got some wider distribution.

Who made you internet cop? Do you spend your days searching for this stuff and sucking your teeth? Terminate your internet connection and get a life. You’ve spiralled off on a bad tangent and now you’ve degenerated further by starting to share your little discoveries with other people. What’s your next step?

Save your money, get a backpack, and travel on the cheap across Asia, Africa, and South America. If you survive you may have a better grasp of good and evil.