Old www.rotten.com picture request

Does anyone still have a copy of the large “motorcycle.jpg” picture that used to be on the site and made the rounds on the internet a few years back? You know the one. With the guy. With the missing face. In the hospital.

A friend of mine tells me that guy lived. I don’t see how.

E-mail to me, via my profile address.

Did they ever find out if that picture was faked or not?

That pic was probably the worst one I saw on that site. I didn’t know it wasn’t still up. I’ll take a look for it.

Wow. Somebody works fast. Thanks.

Linky-poo please.

To get an e-mail that fast - - that’s actually kind of disturbing now that I think about it. :smiley:

Nic2004, if you e-mail me, I’ll e-mail it to you.

Don’t hot link that picture. The mods don’t like it, IIRC.

I think it’s on their FAQ page. Is that the one?

You’ll be getting a dupe email from me then I guess. If the other link has a better pic, lemme know.

Nic2004, the link does not comply to the double click rule. Just go to www dot rotten dot com and click on the FAQ link.

That’s a tiny one. The one I just got is… bigger and more detailed.

You don’t want to know.

Does anybody think that guy could have survived?

I did a quick google search and found this. The second to the last question mentions the picture. The author of the site says it’s not a motorcycle accident. For those who want to know: the picture’s not on the page.

It’s a little too late at night for me to want to look at it.

Once you get my email, reply with the link. My email’s my SN at hotmail.com.

To attempt that type of suicide requires a certain, very, very deep level of depression. To have that happen to such a person and have them survive, is my own vision of hell.

I didn’t think he would have survived, nor did he apparently. For his sake, it might have been better if he didn’t survive. Then again, I don’t know the guy. I feel really bad for him either way.

I just had to look. Excuse me while I puke.

For the record, the rotten people say that the guy did, in fact, survive. :eek:

I checked it last night and just now and never got it.

Sent it a few minutes ago.

I would think the blood loss alone would have killed that guy. Yet, in the picture he’s sitting up?!?! If it ever even happened at all, there’s no way he survived.

I’d love it if someone with some medical background could discuss how to deal with a tramua like this.

Just out of curiosity, Askia, why did you want the picture?

I used to have it on file. I lost it. I wanted it back. It’s freaky, man. Poor guy.