Hot Bacon Grease II: The Aftermath

I’m sure most of you have seen pluto’s Hot Bacon Grease thread that’s running wild here in MPSIMS. I read it, and I loved it.

However, it made me crave bacon. Quite badly, in fact. So badly, that I cooked up a big mess of bacon and onions, and slapped them on some toast last night. Lots of mayo. And because of pluto’s description of the bacon odds n’ ends, I chopped the bacon up before I made it. Let me tell you, it was perfect! I’m never making bacon for this purpose (instant bacon fix) any other way. I make a vow right here and now to try to utilize each and every suggestion in that thread.

Who else made bacon last night JUST because of pluto?

I BOUGHT bacon this morning…double-smoked and sliced from the slab at the Polish butcher…but mainly because my daughter, little Pianola, demanded a mess of sauerkraut and pirogi for dinner this evening.

The Ukulele Lady MAY be joining us, or she may be having dinner with a (first-time, at forty) pregnant friend in Manhattan. In case she comes home, she’s requested that I use lean ham instead of bacon in the 'kraut, given her female-based Mortal Fear of Fat. But I may sneak some in anyway.

(The women of the house are having panfried lean ham-steak. Banjo and I are dining on kielbasa, which is what God Himself suggests with sauerkraut and pirogi.)

I wanna go to Ike’s house, and I wanna musical instrument nickname.

I’ve never had saute’d onions on a bacon sandwich before… that sounds great! God I’m starving… Mmmm… bacon…

BTW… How about “Oboe Munch”?

Dogs looooooove bacon!

That sounds wonderful! Bacon and onions and mayo? Will you make me one if I bring some drinks?
What goes well with a “Cholesterol Special”? :wink: Coke? Beer? Milk?

:::wanders off wondering if we have any onions…of course I know we have bacon:::

Oh, beer is the only thing to drink with it. Preferably, you’ve already been drinking plenty of it, and you’ve just stumbled home and put in a movie - Raising Arizona most likely. No one said anything about inside voices when you’re drunk and the yodeling starts.

I read this first, then the original bacon thread… Now I had bacon on the mind all day, and it took forever for the day to go by. As soon as got home, I put some bacon in a skillet, some toast in the toaster, and a big fat tomato on the cutting board. Yum, BLTs for supper!!!