Hot Garlic sauce...

Okay I asked this once here before, but I thought I would give it another shot.

Stainz and I go to a restaurant called “The Barbecue Kitchen” and we always get the Dim Sum.

Our favorite dish is “Hot Garlic Dumplings”. It’s basically pork dumplings in a spicy garlic sauce. The garlic sauce looks creamy (but I don’t think it has any cream in it), and I think it gets the majority of it’s heat from a tablespoon of Hot Chili Oil, but I’m sure the garlic adds to the heat as well. There may be some ginger in it as well.

Anybody have any idea how to make this garlic sauce? It is to die for! I’m assuming it is cantonese, but am nit sure.



No idea, but here’s a recipe I found: Hot Garlic Sauce.

Man, I could really go for some of those dumplings and sauce right now.

Close Neurotik, but it’s white not red.

I don’t think there is any onion in it either.


Bah. Reject my recipe, will you? Well, try this!

Four tablespoons hot chilli oil?!? Four?!?

Man, I thought I was tough with Thai pepper sauce that burns your face when you sniff it. :eek:

It’s HOT garlic sauce, not sissy garlic sauce. :slight_smile: